Río Grande (Bolivia)

The Río Grande (or Río Guapay) in Bolivia rises on the southern slope of the Cochabamba mountains, east of the city Cochabamba, at 17°26′11″S 65°52′22″W / 17.43639°S 65.87278°W / -17.43639; -65.87278. At its source it is known as the Rocha River. It crosses the Cochabamba valley basin in a westerly direction. After 65 km the river turns south east and after another 50 km joins the Arque River at 17°42′10″S 66°14′45″W / 17.70278°S 66.24583°W / -17.70278; -66.24583 and an elevation of 2.350 m.

Grande River
Río Grande o Guapay desde el Puente Pailas (Puerto Pailas -Bolivia).jpg
Río Grande at Puerto Pailas
Map of the Amazon Basin showing Río Grande (highlighted)
Native nameRío Grande (Spanish)
Physical characteristics
SourceSierra de Cochabamba
 • elevation3,693 m (12,116 ft)
MouthMamoré River
 • elevation
174 m (571 ft)
Length820 km (510 mi)[1]

From this junction the river receives the name Caine River for 162 km and continues to flow in a south easterly direction, before it is called Río Grande. After a total of 500 km the river turns north east and in a wide curve flows round the lowland city of Santa Cruz.

After 1.438 km, the Río Grande joins the Ichilo River at 15°48′09″S 64°43′47″W / 15.80250°S 64.72972°W / -15.80250; -64.72972 which is a tributary to the Mamoré.


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