The Rätikon is a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps, located at the border between Vorarlberg, Liechtenstein and Graubünden. It is the geological border between the Eastern and Western Alps and stretches from the Montafon as far as the Rhine. In the south, the Prättigau is its limit, and in the north, it is the Walgau. In the east, it borders the Silvretta groups. The Rätikon mountain range derives its name from Raetia, a province of the Roman Empire, named after the Rhaetian (Raeti or Rhaeti) people.

Highest point
Elevation2,964 m (9,724 ft)
Coordinates47°3′14″N 9°42′46″E / 47.05389°N 9.71278°E / 47.05389; 9.71278
Rätikon map.png
The borders of the range according to
Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps
CountriesAustria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
StatesVorarlberg and Graubünden, Canton of Grisons
Range coordinates47°3′N 9°45′E / 47.050°N 9.750°E / 47.050; 9.750Coordinates: 47°3′N 9°45′E / 47.050°N 9.750°E / 47.050; 9.750
Parent rangeCentral Eastern Alps
Borders onSilvretta, Verwall Alps, Plessur Range and Appenzell Alps
Topo mapSwiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

Topography and geologyEdit

The classification of the Rätikon to the central Eastern Alps is based solely on geographic-geological traditions. Large parts of the Rätikon consist of sedimentary rocks (limestone). From a geological point of view, the north-west Rätikon is assigned to the Northern Limestone Alps, while the South-West Rätikon belongs to the Bündner Schist/Bündner slate of the Western Alps.[1]


Drei Türme

Its chief peaks are:[2]

For a list of passes see Passes of the Silvretta and Rätikon Ranges.

A multiday hike that follows a big portion of the Rätikon chain on its southern side is called "Prättigauer Höhenweg".[3]

Neighboring mountain groupsEdit

The Rätikon is adjacent to the following other mountain groups in the Alps:[4]

View of the southern terrace of the Walserkamm (Bregenz Forest Mountains) across the Walgau towards the south to the entire Austrian northern flank of the Rätikon; To the left are the Lechquellen Mountains, the west of the Verwall group, and a view of the Montafon and the central Silvretta; To the right, the view over the Rhine valley to the Appenzell Alps.


Because of the many mountains, the Rätikon is a first class area for all alpine sports such as hiking, skiing (including freeriding), cross-country skiing, mountain biking, etc. The position of the mountain chain allows for beautiful and panoramic views. The cableways permit shortened ascents and descents and enable pure high-altitude hiking.

Thanks to many Alpine shelters ("huts"), daylong or multi-day walks are possible. Many huts are hosted and offer sleeping accommodations. The season usually starts in early April to late September / October, depending on the weather. Before starting a tour, it is advisable to inquire about vacancies and locations at regional tourist offices or in the different villages.

Mountain HutsEdit

Mountain huts operated by the following organizations are found in the Vorarlberg part of the Rätikon: German, Austrian Alpine Club and friends of nature Austria:

  • Douglasshütte near Brand
  • Feldkircherhütte near Feldkirch
  • Haus Matschwitz on Matschwitz near Latschau
  • Heinrich-Hueter-Hütte near Vandans
  • Lindauer Hütte near Tschagguns
  • Madrisahütte near Gargellen
  • Mannheimer Hütte near Brand
  • Oberzalimhütte near Brand
  • Sarotlahütte near Brand
  • Schwabenhaus on the Tschengla near Bürserberg
  • Tilisunahütte near Tschagguns
  • Totalphütte near Brand
  • Alpine Restaurant "Gamperdona" near Nenzinger Himmel

In Liechtenstein's part of the Rätikon, the following huts of the Liechtensteiner Alpenverein may be found:[5]

  • Gafadurahütte near Nendeln
  • Pfälzerhütte near Steg

In the Graubünden or Grisons Rätikon, huts of the Swiss Alpine Club and other mountain houses may be found:[6]

  • Enderlinhütte near Maienfeld
  • Schesaplanahütte near Seewis im Prättigau
  • Carschinahütte near St. Antönien
  • Mountain huts Sulzfluh and Alpenrösli near St. Antönien

Mountain railwaysEdit

In Montafon/Vorarlberg:

  • Lünerseebahn near Brand
  • Golmerbahn in Vadans/Tschagguns
  • Bergbahnen Gargellen

In Grison/Graubünden:

  • Älplibahn Malans
  • Seilbahn Fanas
  • Madrisa Klosters Bergbahnen

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