Qurnat as Sawda'

Qurnat as Sawdā (Arabic: القرنة السوداء‎), is the highest point in Lebanon and the Levant, at 3,088 meters above sea level. It is found in Bsharri /North of Lebanon

Qurnat as Sawdā
Qurnat as sawda early summer.jpg
Qurnat As Sawda
Qurnat as sawda early summer.jpg
Highest point
Elevation3,088 m (10,131 ft)
Prominence2,393 m (7,851 ft)
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates34°18′00″N 36°07′00″E / 34.30000°N 36.11667°E / 34.30000; 36.11667Coordinates: 34°18′00″N 36°07′00″E / 34.30000°N 36.11667°E / 34.30000; 36.11667ki 
Native nameالقرنة السوداء
Parent rangeBsharri North lebanon


Qornet Sohdé - ܩܪܢܬ ܣܗܕ̈ܐ The original meaning is “qornet dsohde” in aramaiic syriac meaning martyrs mountain related to the mamalik attack on the Christian region of Bsharri in 13th century and the people who died in the mountain while trying to escape the Muslim invasion of the region. Later on when the Lebanese Christian stopped speaking syriac the meaning was forgotten but the name remained same as most of Lebanon villages. The sommet of the Christian Martyrs Highest sommet in Lebanon and the Levant.



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