Queen Silver-Bell

Queen Silver-Bell is the first in a series of four children's books by Frances Hodgson Burnett with illustrations by Harrison Cady.

Queen Silver-Bell Book Cover.
Queen Silver-Bell Book Cover.

In the first book the queen of the fairies, Queen Silver-Bell, loses her "temper" (which most people do not know is really a fairy[1]) and becomes known from then on as Queen Crosspatch. She knows that she will never find her temper again until she has done something that would make people–-particularly children–-believe in fairies as they used to "once upon a time," so she decides to get a "respectable" person to write the stories down as she tells them. The subsequent stories in the series all have the subtitle "As Told By Queen Crosspatch."

The first book, Queen Silver-Bell, also contains the story "How Winnie Hatched The Little Rooks."

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