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Queen Jeheon (15 July 1455 – 29 August 1482), of the Haman Yun clan, was a posthumous name bestowed to the wife and second queen consort of Yi Hyeol, King Seongjong and the mother of Yi Yung, Yeonsan. She was Queen consort of Joseon from 1476 until her deposition in 1479. She is also known as Deposed Queen Yun (폐비윤씨 廢妃尹氏, Pyebi Yun-ssi). She was an 11th generation descendant of General Yun Gwan (윤관).

Queen Jeheon
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure8 August 1476 – 21 June 1479
Born15 July 1455
Gyeonggi Province, Kingdom of Joseon
Died29 August 1482 (1482-08-30) (aged 27)
Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseYi Hyeol, King Seongjong
HouseHaman Yun
FatherYun Ki-Gyeon
MotherLady Shin of the Goryeong Shin clan
Deposed Queen Yun
Revised RomanizationPyebi Yunssi
McCune–ReischauerPyepi Yunssi
Former title
Revised RomanizationJeheon wanghu
McCune–ReischauerJehŏn wanghu

Originally a concubine of the King, she was elevated to queen rank after Han Song-yi's death. The ousting of the Queen in 1479, and her subsequent death by poison in 1482 became a source of recurrent political turmoil, culminating with the First literati purge organized in 1498 by Yeonsan in the 4th year of his reign.


The meaning of "Pyebi Yun-ssi" (폐비윤씨, 廢妃 尹氏), her current name in Korea,[1] is "deposed consort of the Haman Yun family". Western references are rather using Deposed Lady Yun as in.[2] In a first time, she was a concubine of Seongjong, granted the title Suk-ui (숙의, 淑儀), junior 2nd rank concubine of the King. In 1474, Han Song-yi who was Seongjong's first queen consort died and posthumously honoured as Queen Gonghye.

Because she died without issue, the King was urged by counselors to take a second queen consort to secure the royal succession. Yun Suk-ui was chosen as new queen consort for her beauty,[3] and was instated in 8 August 1476 at the age of 21. Several months later, she gave birth Yi Yung, later to become King Yeonsan.

The new queen proved to be temperamental and highly jealous of Seongjong's remaining concubines, even stooping to poisoning one of them in 1477. One night in 1479, she clawed the King, leaving visible scratch marks on his face. The King tried to conceal the injury, but his mother, Queen Dowager Insu, discovered the truth and ordered the Queen to be deposed and sent into exile.

After several rehabilitation attempts initiated by her party, influential government officials petitioned for her execution. Deposed Queen was sentenced to death by poisoning. She gave the cloth with her blood on it to her mother and asked for it to be given to her son. The manner and matter of her death became a pretext for her son to purge the court and government of opponents and critics of his rule. During Yeonsan's reign, he honored his mother with the posthumous title "Queen Jeheon of the Haman Yun clan" (제헌왕후 윤씨, 齊獻王后 尹氏).



  • Father − Yun Gi-gyeon (윤기견)
    • a) Grandfather − Yun Eung (윤응)
      • b) Great-Grandfather − Yun Deuk-rong (윤득룡, 尹得龍)
      • b) Great-Grandmother − Lady Min of the Yeoheung Min clan (정부인 여흥 민씨, 貞夫人 驪興 閔氏)
    • a) Grandmother − Lady Kwon of the Andong Kwon clan (안동 권씨)
  • Aunt − Lady Yun of the Haman Yun clan. Husband: Choi Cheom-ro (최첨로, 崔添老)
    • Cousin − Choi Mun-sun (최문손, 崔文孫)
    • Cousin − Choi Hyo-sun (최효손, 崔孝孫)
  • Mother − Lady Shin of the Goryeong Shin clan (정부인 고령 신씨, 貞夫人 高靈 申氏); Yun Gi-gyeon's second wife
    • a) Grandfather − Shin Pang (신평, 申枰) (1390 - 1455)
    • a) Grandmother − Lady Ma of the Jangheung Ma clan (정부인 장흥 마씨, 貞夫人 長興 馬氏);[4] Shin Pang's second wife
  • Stepmother − Lady Lee of the Yangseong Lee clan (증 부부인 양성 이씨, 贈 府夫人 陽城 李氏)


  • Older half-brother − Yun Woo (윤우, 尹遇)
    • Half-niece − Lady Yun of the Hamamn Yun clan (윤씨, 尹氏). Husband: Jeong Jin (정진, 鄭秦)
  • Older half-brother − Yun Hae (윤해, 尹邂)
  • Older half-brother − Yun Hu (윤후, 尹逅)
  • Older brother − Yun Gu (윤구, 尹遘) (? - 1513). Wife: Lady Kwon of the Andong Kwon clan (정부인 안동 권씨, 貞夫人 安東 權氏)
    • Nephew − Yun Ji-im (윤지임, 尹之任)
      • Grandnephew − Yun Woon (윤운, 尹雲)
      • Grandnephew − Yun Je (윤제, 尹霽); became the adoptive son of Yun Ji-hwa
    • Nephew − Yun Ji-hwa (윤지화, 尹之和) (1476 - 1558)
    • Nephew − Yun Ji-chang (윤지청, 尹之淸)
      • Grandnephew − Yun Rim (윤림, 尹霖)
      • Grandniece − Lady Yun of the Haman Yun clan. Husband: Grandnephew-in-law: Yi Ryang (이량, 李樑) (17 November 1519 - 8 March 1563)



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Deposed Queen Yun
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