Queen Dangyeong

Queen Dangyeong (7 February 1487 – 27 December 1557), of the Geochang Shin clan, was a posthumous name bestowed to the wife and first queen consort of Yi Yeok, King Jungjong, the 11th Joseon monarch. She was Queen consort of Joseon for seven days in September 1506, after which she was known as Deposed Queen Shin (폐비 신씨).

Queen Dangyeong
Queen consort of Joseon
Tenure18 September 1506 – 25 September 1506
Born7 February 1487
Kingdom of Joseon
Died27 December 1557 (1557-12-28) (aged 70)
Kingdom of Joseon
(m. 1499⁠–⁠1506)
Regnal name
Queen Dangyeong
Posthumous name
공소순열단경왕후 恭昭順烈端敬王后
HouseGeochang Shin
FatherShin Soo-Geun
MotherLady Cheongwon of the Cheongju Han clan


The future Queen was born on 7 February 1487 during the reign of King Seongjong. Her father, Shin Soo-geun was member of the Geochang Shin clan. His younger sister, Queen Jeinwondeok, was King Yeonsangun's primary consort. Her mother, Shin Soo-geun's second wife, was member of the Cheongju Han clan.

In 1499, she married to Grand Prince Jinseong, Seongjong's son, at the age of 13. As grand prince's wife, she received title Bubuin (Hangul: 부부인, Hanja: 府夫人). Her mother was given the royal title of “Lady Cheongwon of the Cheongju Han clan, Princess Consort to the Internal Prince” (Hangul: 청원부부인 청주 한씨, Hanja: 淸原府夫人 淸州 韓氏), and her father was given the royal title of “Internal Prince Ikchang, Shin Soo-geun” (Hangul: 익창부원군 신수근, Hanja: 益昌府院君 愼守勤)

In 1506, King Yeonsan was deposed, and in the same day, soldiers belonging to the coup leaders surrounded Jinseong's house. Jinseong was about to kill himself, thinking that Yeonsan was finally going to kill him; but Princess Shin dissuaded him. When her husband became king (temple name: Jungjong), she became a queen consort. However because her father was the brother-in-law of Yeonsan; he was opposed of her husband’s enthronement, leading a coup against him, in which he was killed. Due to this incident, the Queen was deposed and expelled from the palace. When Yun Myung-hye (known as Queen Janggyeong) who was Jungjong's second queen consort died in 1515, Deposed Queen’s supporters tried to suggest her reinstatement, but the officials were against the idea and even caused her supporters to be exiled.

Deposed Shin received help from Jungjong's successor, Injong, to make her life better. She died in 1557, childless, and buried in a family tomb. Her tomb was named Olleung. She continued to be addressed as Deposed Queen Shin until King Yeongjo formally posthumously honoured her as Queen Dangyeong in 1739.[1][2]



  • Father − Shin Soo-geun (1450 – 1506) (신수근)
    • 1) Grandfather − Shin Seung-seon (1436 – 1502) (신승선)
      • 2) Great-Grandfather − Shin Jeon (신전, 愼詮)
        • 3) Great-Great-Grandfather − Shin Yi-chong (신이충, 愼以衷)
      • 2) Great-Grandmother − Lady Ahn of the Sunheung Ahn clan (증 정경부인 순흥 안씨, 贈 貞敬夫人 順興 安氏)
    • 1) Grandmother − Princess Jungmo, Lady Heungan of the Jeonju Yi clan (정경부인 중모현주 증 흥안부부인 전주 이씨, 貞敬夫人 中牟縣主 贈 興安府夫人 全州 李氏) (1435 - ?); King Sejong’s granddaughter
  • Aunt − Queen Shin (폐비 신씨, 廢妃 愼氏) (15 December 1476 - 16 May 1537)
  • Mother − Lady Cheongwon of the Cheongju Han clan (청원부부인 청주 한씨, 淸州 韓氏); Shin Soo-geun’s second wife
    • 1) Grandfather − Han Chong-in (한충인, 韓忠仁) (1433 - 1504); Queen Insu’s cousin (인수대비의 사촌)
    • 1) Grandmother − Lady Kim of the Andong Kim clan (정부인 안동 김씨, 貞夫人 安東 金氏)
  • Step-mother − Lady Yeongga of the Andong Kwon clan (정경부인 증 영가부부인 안동 권씨, 貞敬夫人 贈 永嘉府夫人 安東權氏)


  • Older brother − Shin Hong-bo (신홍보)
  • Older brother − Shin Hong-pil (신홍필) (1487 - ?)
  • Older brother − Shin Hong-jo (신홍조, 愼弘祚)(1490 - ?). Wife: Lady Im of the Pungcheon Im clan (풍천 임씨)
    • Nephew − Shin Sa-hyeon (신사헌, 愼思獻) (1520 - ?)
  • Older brother − Shin Hong-woo (신홍우)



  • 7 February 1487 - 1499: Lady Shin, daughter of Shin Soo-geun, of the Geochang Shin clan
  • 1499 - 18 September 1506: Princess Consort Shin of the Geochang Shin clan (부부인 신씨, 府夫人 愼氏)
  • 18 September 1506 - 25 September 1506: The Queen Consort (왕비, 王妃)
  • Posthumous title: Queen Dangyeong (단경왕후)

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Queen Dangyeong
Geochang Shin clan
Royal titles
Preceded by
Queen Jeinwondeok
of the Geochang Shin clan
Queen consort of Joseon
18 − 25 September 1506
Succeeded by
Yun Myung-hye, Queen Janggyeong
of the Papyeong Yun clan