Quebec Superior Court

The Superior Court of Quebec (French: Cour supérieure du Québec) is the highest trial Court in the Province of Quebec, Canada. It consists of 157 judges who are appointed by the federal government. Appeals from this Court are taken to the Quebec Court of Appeal.

Quebec Superior Court
Number of positions157
WebsiteSuperior Court of Québec
Chief Justice
CurrentlyJacques R. Fournier
SinceOctober 7, 2011[1]


The Superior Court of Quebec is a court of original jurisdiction, which hears all cases not expressly assigned to another court or administrative body. It possesses both criminal and civil jurisdiction. It also hears certain appeals.

All criminal trials by jury are tried by the Superior Court.


The Superior Court is composed of 157 justices, including a Chief Justice, a Senior Associate Chief Justice, and an Associate Chief Justice. It can also have a maximum of 111 supernumerary judges.

Chief JusticesEdit

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Sources and notesEdit

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