Quantum is a color vector arcade video game developed at General Computer Corporation for Atari, Inc. and released in November 1982.[2] It was designed by Betty Ryan (née Tylko) who was the first female developer at GCC.[3] The premise of the game is related loosely to quantum physics; the player directs a probe with a trackball to encircle atomic "particles" for points, without touching various other particles. Once the particles are surrounded by the probe's tail they are destroyed.

Arcade flyer
Developer(s)General Computer Corporation
Publisher(s)Atari, Inc.
Designer(s)Betty Ryan
Composer(s)Patty Goodson
ReleaseNovember 1982
Arcade systemAtari Vector[1]



High score table

A legible high score signature

To enter initials for a high score, the player uses the trackball to circle letters in the same fashion used during gameplay. If the player achieves the highest score on the table, the initials screen is preceded by another on which adept players can use the trackball to draw their initials.



A screenshot of a clone called Tachyon was previewed in Atari 8-bit magazine ANALOG Computing, but the game was never completed.[4]

A remake, Quantum Recharged, was released in August 2023 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is part of Atari SA's Recharged remake series.[5]

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