Quanto sei bella Roma

Quanto sei bella Roma (Spanish: ¡Qué bella eres, Roma!) is a 1959 Italian-Spanish romantic comedy film directed by Marino Girolami and starring Claudio Villa.[1][2]

Quanto sei bella Roma
Quanto sei bella Roma posterV1.jpg
Directed byMarino Girolami
Written byGianfranco Parolini
Giorgio Simonelli
Screenplay byGianfranco Parolini
StarringClaudio Villa
Music byFranco Riva
CinematographyEmilio Foriscot
Francesco Izzarelli
Edited byAntonio Cánovas
Release date
  • 1959 (1959)


Gino and Claudio are two young friends who work for Nando, one as a mechanic, the other as a taxi driver. Both are officially engaged, and the girlfriends are two sisters, Lorella and Patrizia. Nonetheless, the two young men are not alien to allowing themselves some innocent sentimental adventure when the opportunity arises. Gino by chance makes the acquaintance of Ava and Mary, two American girls who have come to visit Rome and, supported by his friend Claudio, briefly makes friends with the two foreigners. In order not to be disturbed in their adventure, Gino and Claudio give their shy friend Nino the task of keeping the two girlfriends at bay.

Despite this precaution, Lorella and Patrizia soon discover the devious undertaking to which their boyfriends are dedicated: stung by jealousy, they protest vigorously and contemplate revenge. Ava and Mary also realize that their knights are doing a bad deed and having met Lorella and Patrizia by chance, they agree with them in order to punish the two Don Juan. They first introduce Gino and Claudio to their father, a rude businessman who by dint of terrible handshakes reduces them as submissive as ever, while poisoning them with diabolical cocktails.

At this point the two are put with their backs to the wall and invited to make their choice: either Ava and Mary (and America), or Lorella and Patrizia (and Italy). Gino chooses America and together with his friend goes to the Grand Hotel to ask for Ava's hand, but, instead of the American, he finds Sor Checco, father of Lorella and Patrizia who urges the two young people to keep their commitments . Of course, everything fits in the best way: the two couples reconstitute themselves. Ava has found her prince charming in Nino and Nando will also marry an American.



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