Qasr Libya or Theodoureas (Arabic: قصر ليبيا) is a small town in northern Libya about 66 kilometres (41 mi) northwest of Bayda. In ancient times, it was called Olbia and Theodorias, the ruins of which were excavated in the 1950s. The town contains a museum with fifty Byzantine mosaics.[3] It's on the cross-roads between the eastwards MarjBayda main road, and the southwards Qasr LibyaMarawa road.

Qasr Libya
قصر ليبيا
Gasr Elbia[1]
Qasr Libya is located in Libya
Qasr Libya
Qasr Libya
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 32°38′N 21°24′E / 32.633°N 21.400°E / 32.633; 21.400
Country Libya
DistrictJabal al Akhdar
 • Total4,933
Time zoneUTC+2


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Coordinates: 32°38′N 21°24′E / 32.633°N 21.400°E / 32.633; 21.400