The QQ Music Awards (Chinese: QQ音乐巅峰盛典) is a music awards show founded by Chinese music streaming service QQ Music in 2014.[1][2]

QQ Music Awards
Awarded forOutstanding achievements in the music industry.
Presented byQQ Music (subsidiary of Tencent)
First awardedMarch 27, 2014 (2014-03-27)


Year Venue Location
2014 Shenzhen Bay Sports Center Shenzhen


2016 QQ Music Awards

  • Best Male Singer (Mainland China)
  • Best Female Singer (Mainland China)
  • Best Male Singer (Hong Kong/Taiwan)
  • Best Female Singer (Hong Kong/Taiwan)
  • Best Group
  • Most Popular Male Singer (Mainland China)
  • Most Popular Female Singer (Mainland China)
  • Most Popular Male Singer (Hong Kong/Taiwan)
  • Most Popular Female Singer (Hong Kong/Taiwan)
  • Most Popular Western Singer
  • Most Popular Mandarin Group
  • Most Popular Overseas Group
  • Most Influential Male Singer
  • Most Influential Female Singer
  • Best New Singer
  • Best New Group
  • Most Breakthrough Artist
  • Best Crossover Artist
  • QQ Music Chart Most Searched Singer
  • QQ Music Chart Most Shared Award
  • QQ Music Live Best Stage Performance
  • Best Stage Performance
  • Best Television Music Show
  • Best Classical Album
  • Best Concert Album
  • Best Creative Album
  • Best Live Album
  • Best Singing-Songwriting Album
  • Best Mandarin Album (Mainland China)
  • Best Mandarin Album (Hong Kong/Taiwan)
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Producer
  • Best All-Round Artist
  • Most Influential Concert
  • Outstanding Contribution Singer
  • QQ Music Favorite Singer
  • International Most Influential Chinese Artist
  • Best Selling Digital Album (Mainland China)
  • Best Selling Digital Album (Hong Kong/Taiwan)
  • Best Selling Digital Album (Overseas)
  • Best Film/Television Songs of the Year
  • Top 10 Songs of the Year
  • Media Recommend Album
  • Best International Single
  • QQ Music Fans Award


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