Q-Productions, Inc. is a Latin music entertainment company owned and operated by Abraham Quintanilla. Founded in 1993, Q-Productions is a record company and studio (Q-Zone Records and Q-Zone Studios) specializing in the Latin music industry. The company's most recognized contributing artists are Selena (who was the daughter of Abraham), Los Tres Reyes and Jennifer Peña. Q also experiments with film and video.

The company's headquarters are at 5410 Leopard Street, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Recording studiosEdit

Q-Productions has three studios, Zebra Room, Leopard Lounge and Grey Fox Room.

Selena MuseumEdit

A collection of designs and mementos of Selena are housed at the studio site. The collection includes items from Selena's wardrobe to her favorite toys from when she was young.


  • Selena (1993–1995) (deceased)
  • Jennifer Peña (1996–2000)
  • La Fuerza
  • Los Tres Reyes
  • Cortez De La Sierra
  • Jorge Roel Y Potrillo
  • Sesi
  • La Conquista
  • Stephenie Lynn
  • Angel Castillo
  • Isabel Marie Sanchez

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