Péter Gervai

Péter Gervai (born 7 January 1972) is a Hungarian IT development engineer, the founder of the Hungarian Wikipedia and the chair of Wikimedia Hungary. He was one of the pioneers of Internet culture in Hungary, as operator of the LifeForce BBS and the author of a snarky webpage about chain emails which was widely used to educate senders of such mail.[1]

Péter Gervai
10 éves a Wikipédia konferencia 102.jpg
Péter Gervai in January 2011
Péter Gervai

(1972-01-07) January 7, 1972 (age 50)
Other namesGervai Grin Péter or grin (online alias)
TitleFounder of the Hungarian Wikipedia
Board member ofWikimedia Hungary
Lifetime Achievement Award
eFestival 2009
Wikipedia Hungary meeting with Jimmy Wales
"The first presentations team."
Gabor Hanak, Frank Schulenburg, Szilveszter E. Vizy, Peter Gervai, Maria Ludassy, Tamas Vicsek
Open Government Data Workshop Budapest
Péter Gervai, Rufus Pollock, Jonathan Gray

Personal lifeEdit

Péter Gervai is married and has two children. Besides his native Hungarian, he speaks fluently in English and German.


He graduated from Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium in 1990. Then he studied at Kandó Kálmán Műszaki Főiskola in Budapest. He worked at FidoNet as a moderator, and he was the maintainer of the LifeForce BBS, which was among the pioneers in Hungary. The starter of the Mozilla Open Directory's Hungarian part,[2] He participated in several open source projects. He was elected as president of the newly formed "Hungarian Wikimedia Association" on 27 September 2008. He has a diverse interest mainly focused on technical areas, computers, mostly internet access and service providing, security, network design and programming, but he also likes reading and writing literature.


  • 1984–1999, BBS sysop, FidoNet node (and OtherNets nodes), moderator
  • 1993–1994, KKVMF, software engineer
  • 1994–1997, Budapest Bank, software engineer
  • 1994–1997, ExaBit Bt., Executive Director
  • 1996–          ObjectREXX course, (OS/2)
  • 1997–2005, Cory-Net Kft., Technical Director
  • 2004–2008, Council of Hungarian Internet Providers - a Member of the Presidency
  • 2008–          President of the Hungarian chapter of Wikimedia Foundation (Wikimédia Magyarország Egyesület)[3]


  • Hungarian Inventors' Day, Budapest, 2011, June 16. lecturer,[4]
  • Open Government Data Workshop, Budapest, 2011. May 20. (Friday, May 20, 2011 from 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM (GMT+0100))[5]
  • "Ten years of Wikipedia" conference, 2011, January 15, Buda Castle, National Széchényi Library[6]





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