Pyongyang Folklore Park

The Pyongyang Folklore Park(Korean: 평양민속공원) was an amusement park located in Pyongyang, North Korea, at the foot of Mount Taesong. It was built with a historical theme, and construction began in December, 2008.[1] There are also folk parks in Sukchon, South Pyongan Province and Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province. South Korean folk parks with an historical theme such as Korean Folk Village are popular attractions.[2] Tourists rarely visited the park. When tourists did visit, they were usually part of organized tours. The park was shut down for renovations in June 2016. News reports speculated that the facility reminded Kim Jong-un of his uncle, Jang Sung-taek, who managed the project before his execution in 2013.[3] In 2016, satellite imagery showed that the park had been demolished.[4][5]

Pyongyang Folklore Park
Laika ac Pyongyang Folk Park (7987626924).jpg
Pyongyang Folklore Park in August 2012, shortly before opening
LocationPyongyang, North Korea
Coordinates39°3′36″N 125°49′30″E / 39.06000°N 125.82500°E / 39.06000; 125.82500
Opened11 September 2012
Operating seasonYear-round

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