Puzur-Ashur III

Puzur-Ashur III was the king of Assyria from 1503 BC to 1479 BC. According to the Assyrian King List, he was the son and successor of Ashur-nirari I and ruled for 24 years (or 14 years, according to another copy). He is also the first Assyrian king to appear in the synchronistic history, where he is described as a contemporary of Burnaburiash of Babylon.[1] A few of his building inscriptions were found at Assur. He rebuilt part of the temple of Ishtar in his capital, Ashur, and the southern parts of the city wall.[2]

Puzur-Ashur III
King of Assyria
King of the Old Assyrian Empire
Reign1503–1479 BC
PredecessorAshur-nirari I
SuccessorEnlil-nasir I
IssueEnlil-nasir I
FatherAshur-nirari I


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Preceded by King of Assyria
1503–1479 BCE
Succeeded by