Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj) or Putrajaya Corporation (PjC) is a local authority that administers the Federal Territory of Putrajaya and is under the Department of Federal Territories of Malaysia. Founded in 1995, the corporation is responsible for public health and sanitation, waste removal and management, capital planning, environmental protection and building control, social and economic development, and the general maintenance functions of the urban infrastructure of Putrajaya. The main headquarters of the PPj is located at Precinct 3, Persiaran Perdana, Putrajaya.

Putrajaya Corporation
Perbadanan Putrajaya
Datuk Fadlun Mak Ujud
Meeting place
Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya
Persiaran Perdana,
Presint 3,
62675 Putrajaya
Split from Sepang District Council in 2001.
Putrajaya Corporation Complex

Putrajaya Corporation is also the operator of Nadi Putra bus services, which operates in the urban areas of Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur and parts of the Southern Klang Valley. Putrajaya is now a metered parking area, and the corporation will issue a summons for illegal parking.

Presidents edit

No. President Term start Term end
1 Azizan Zainul Abidin 1 March 1996 14 July 2004
2 Samsudin Osman 1 August 2004 31 July 2012
3 Aseh Che Mat 1 August 2012 31 July 2015
4 Hasim Ismail 1 August 2015 31 July 2018
5 Aminuddin Hassim 1 October 2018 30 September 2020
6 Muhammad Azmi Mohd Zain 1 October 2020 15 December 2021
7 Fadlun Mak Ujud 1 June 2022 Incumbent

Board members edit

Board of Putrajaya Corporation is responsible to make highest decision of policy in Putrajaya Corporation. It is led by a chairman who holds a concurrent post of Putrajaya Corporation President.[1]

No. Member Membership Position and Agency Appointment Period
1 Dato' TPr. Fadlun bin Mak Ujud Chairman Putrajaya Corporation President 2 years
2 Tengku Dato' Setia Ramli Alhaj bin Tengku Shahruddin Shah Alhaj Representative of state of Selangor Selangor Council of the Royal Court member 3 years
3 Dato' Setia Haji Mohammed Khusrin bin Haji Munawi
4 Dato' Shahrol Anuwar bin Saman Representative of Federal Government National Budget Director, Ministry of Finance 2 years
5 Dato' Nor Azmie bin Diron Secretary General, Ministry of Economy
6 Datuk Nor Muhamad bin Che Dan @ Che Din Secretary of Development Management Division, Department of Federal Territories
7 Dr. Aminuddin Sham bin Tajudin Representative of private sector
8 Muhammad Fikri bin Khalid @ Abdul Aziz

Executive departments edit

The president is the highest executive officer of Putrajaya Corporation. The president is assisted by 8 deputy presidents who lead 8 departments in Putrajaya Corporation. Each department consists of several divisions and each division is led by a director. [2]

No. Departments (in Malay) Departments (in English)
1 Jabatan Undang-Undang
  • Bahagian Undang-Undang
Legal Department
  • Legal Division
2 Jabatan Audit dan Risiko
  • Bahagian Audit Dalam
Audit and Risk Department
  • Internal Audit Division
3 Jabatan Perkhidmatan Korporat
  • Bahagian Sumber Manusia
  • Bahagian Pentadbiran
  • Bahagian Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi
  • Bahagian Komunikasi Korporat
  • Bahagain Pengurusan Strategik
  • Bahagian Komersial dan Pelaburan
Corporate Services Department
  • Human Resources Division
  • Administration Division
  • Information Technology and Communication Division
  • Corporate Communication Division
  • Strategic Management Division
  • Commercial and Investment Division
4 Jabatan Perkhidmatan Bandar
  • Bahagian Perkhidmatan Komuniti dan Sukan
  • Bahagian Pelesenan
  • Bahagian Kesihatan Persekitaran
  • Bahagian Penguatkuasa
Urban Service Department
  • Community and Sports Service Division
  • Licensing Division
  • Environmental Health Division
  • Enforcement Division
5 Jabatan Kejuruteraan dan Penyelenggaraan
  • Bahagian Pengurusan Projek
  • Bahagian Jalan
  • Bahagian Pengurusan Fasiliti
  • Bahagian Trafik dan Pengangkutan Awam
Engineering and Maintenance Department
  • Project Management Division
  • Road Division
  • Facility Management Division
  • Traffic and Public Transportation Division
6 Jabatan Perancangan Bandar
  • Bahagian Kawalan Perancangan dan Pembangunan
  • Bahagian Pembangunan Mampan dan Perumahan
  • Bahagian Alam Sekitar, Tasik dan Wetland
  • Bahagian Kawalan Bangunan dan Rekabentuk Bandar
Urban Planning Department
  • Planning and Development Control Division
  • Sustainable Development and Housing Division
  • Environment, Lake, and Wetland Division
  • Building Control and Urban Design Division
7 Jabatan Landskap dan Taman
  • Bahagian Perancangan dan Pembangunan Taman
  • Bahagian Rekreasi dan Operasi
  • Bahagian Pengurusan dan Penyelenggaraan Landskap
  • Bahagian Botani
  • Bahagian Hortikultur dan Pertanian Bandar
Landscape and Park Department
  • Park Planning and Development Division
  • Recreation and Operation Division
  • Landscape Management and Maintenance Division
  • Botany Division
  • Urban Horticulture and Agriculture Division
8 Jabatan Kewangan
  • Bahagian Pengurusan Kewangan
  • Bahagian Penilaian dan Pesuruhjaya Bangunan
  • Bahagian Anak Syarikat, Kawalan Kredit dan Hasil
Financial Department
  • Financial Management Division
  • Valuation and Commissionor of Buildings Division
  • Subsidiary Companies, Credit Control, and Revenue Division

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