Purvanchal Range

The Purvanchal Range, or Eastern Mountains, is a sub-mountain range of the Himalayas in northeast India. It lies south of the Brahmaputra valley.


The Purvanchal Range or Eastern Mountains are a sub-mountain range of Himalaya, covering an area of about 94,800 km2 with a population of over four million incorporates Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura and Mizoram Hills and Chachar Districts along with a fifth of Haflong tahsil of Assam State and District of Tripa and part of Lohit in Arunachal Pradesh.[1] “Purvanchal” as the name itself suggests, it is the eastern frontier region of India being surrounded by Bangladesh in the south-west, Myanmar in the south-east and china in the north-east.  Its north-western limit, for a major part, follows the boundaries of Meghalaya and the Mikir hills region, Assam valley, the Eastern Himalaya and the plain areas of Tripura and Cachar are the continuation of the Surma valley.[1]

The range is an eastern extension of the Himalayan Range System, in north eastern India. It bends sharply to the south beyond the Dihang River gorge, and spreads along the eastern boundary of India with Myanmar. The Purvan includes the hill re to beastboyshub ges of the Patkai, Barail Range, Naga Hills, Lushai Hills and Jampui Hills.[1]


The Purvanchal Mountains are composed largely of strong sandstone geological formations


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