Purna River (tributary of Tapti)

The Purna River is a river of Western India. It is one of the chief tributaries of the Tapti river and empties into it at Changdev in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

Purna river
River Purna in Summer.jpg
River Purna at Manegaon
EtymologyPurna river - Complete river
StateMadhya Pradesh, Maharashtra
RegionVidarbha, Khandesh
DistrictBetul District, Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Jalgaon
Physical characteristics
SourcePokhrani Village
 ⁃ locationSatpura Range, Baitul district, Gawilgarh ranges, Madhya Pradesh
 ⁃ coordinates21°30′N 77°46′E / 21.500°N 77.767°E / 21.500; 77.767
MouthTapti river
 ⁃ location
Changdev, Jalgaon, Muktainagar, Maharashtra
 ⁃ coordinates
21°5′45″N 76°0′36″E / 21.09583°N 76.01000°E / 21.09583; 76.01000Coordinates: 21°5′45″N 76°0′36″E / 21.09583°N 76.01000°E / 21.09583; 76.01000
 ⁃ locationSurat,Gujarat
 ⁃ locationChangdev,Taluka-Muktainagar,Dist-Jalgaon,State-Maharashtra ,India
Basin features
 ⁃ leftPedhi River,[1] Mūrna River, Mūn River, Dnyanganga River, Vishwaganga River, Nalganaga River
 ⁃ rightArna River, Bodi River, Chandrabhaga River, Ban River, Shahanur River


The word purna means complete in Sanskrit. It was also called the Payoshni or the Paisani (Sanskrit word meaning Ambrosia).[citation needed] There are other rivers also named Purna (the Khadakpurna and the Katepurna).

There are several comparative societies and a highschool is named after Purna river like the Purnamai Vidyalaya,A highschool in Muktainagar taluka (Purna referring to the river and Maai meaning mother). The Purna is a major tributary of the Tapti river .


Purna is western flowing river.It is natural habitat for many fish species and birds like Bagda, Ducks etc.Hatnur dam is built on Purna near Hatnur village.This dam biggest dam of northern Maharashta.It have huge water reservoir.

The Purna is the main water source for the Muktainagar, Malkapur region. It rises in the eastern Satpura Range of southern Madhya Pradesh, and flows westward, draining Maharashtra's Marathwada, Vidarbha region before merging with the Tapi river.

The watershed lies mostly in the eastern Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state and is nearly 18,929 square kilometres.[2]

It originates in Pokharni Village which is 2 km away from Bhainsdehi. Bhainsdehi is a tehsil in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, adjoining the Amravati district of Maharashtra. The river flows through Akola, Buldhana, and Jalgaon districts. The total length of the river is 334 km.[2] pilgrims are present along its banks,Muktabai temple at Muktainagar and Changdev temple at Changdev village.Tapi river joins Purna at Changdev village.


The Purna meets the Tapti at Changdev village in the Muktainagar taluk of Jalgaon District in Northern Maharashtra. The Changdeva Maharaj temple is built at this meeting place (Sangam) of the two rivers as devotees believe it to be sacred (pavitra sthan).[citation needed]

River tributariesEdit

The Purna river and its tributaries


A panorama of Purna River, Dhupeshwar, Malkapur


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