Purisimeño was one of the Chumashan languages traditionally spoken along the coastal areas of Southern California near Lompoc. It was also spoken at the La Purisima Mission.[1]

Native toCalifornia, United States
Extinct(date missing)
  • Southern
    • Central
      • Purisimeño
Language codes
ISO 639-3puy
La Purisima Mission, Lompoc, California

A vocabulary of "La Purrissima or Kagimuswas (Purismeno Chumash)" was collected by Henry Wetherbee Henshaw in 1884.[2] John P. Harrington also documented the language, and wrote a sketch of the grammar.[3]

Dr. Timothy Henry of the Western Institute for Endangered Language Documentation (WIELD) created a dictionary of the language.[4]

Writing system edit

Purisimeño alphabet
a e ǝ h i k l ~ ł m n o p q s
š šʰ š̓ t ts tsʰ ts̓ tšʰ tš̓ u w x ~ x̂ y

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