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Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville

Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville (Italian: Cuccioli Cerca Amici, loosely, Puppies Searching for Friends) is an Italian animated TV series based on the toyline of the same name, which is a part of the larger "In My Pocket" franchise. The series features tiny puppy adventures as Flo (Kate in the English dub) and her puppy Magic must help the other puppies of Pocketville find their way to children in the real world. They also try to get Princess Ami (Ava), who was beamed to the real world by her sister, Ima (Eva), back into Pocketville. The series is produced by Giochi Preziosi, MEG Entertainment Group, and Mondo TV, and is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.[1] The series aired on Italia 1 in Italy from 2010 to 2011, and then aired on Boomerang in the United States from January 2, 2012 to December 31, 2012.

Puppy in My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville
GenreAnimated series, Magical Girl, Animals
Created byFrancesco Balletta, Valerio Cilio, Simona Lombardi
Written byFrancesco Balletta, Valerio Cilio, Simona Lombardi
Directed byOrlando Corradi
Opening themeThe Friendship Song
Ending themeMy Little Puppy
Country of originItaly
Original language(s)Italian
No. of series1
No. of episodes26 (52 segments) (list of episodes)
Running time22 minutes (11 minutes per segment)
Production company(s)Giochi Preziosi
MEG Entertainment Group
Mondo TV
DistributorWarner Bros. Television Distribution
Original networkItalia 1
Original release25 October 2010 (2010-10-25) –
19 December 2011 (2011-12-19)



  • Kate (Flo in the Italian version): Kate is a twelve-year-old girl. Her clothes change whenever she and Magic go back and forth from Pocketville to the big city. With the Friendship Heart, she is able to understand animals. By the finale, her pure heart allows Princess Ava to transform the Magic Fountain and create the Ocean of Friendship so that she and Magic can visit the Pocket Kingdom anytime they want. Voiced by Stephanie Sheh in the English version and by Debora Magnaghi in the Italian version.
  • Magic: Katie's German Shepherd dog, his original name was Oristolfo. Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.
  • Princess Ami (Ava): A red-point Siamese cat who is the ruler of the Pocket Kingdom. By the finale, Princess Ami returns to the kingdom, thanks to Katie and Magic. According to the Petbuster, Princess Ami is a Feles[sic] aulicus. Voiced by Prudence Alcott.
  • Royal Guards: A team of two dogs and two cats who serve Princess Ami, and help Katie and Magic against Ima and her lackeys. Each are trained by a lamb who goes by the name of Steel Wool.
    • William: A Golden Retriever dog who appears to be the leader of the Royal Guards. Voiced by Sam Gold.
    • Ciro (Danny): A Neapolitan Mastiff dog who is a member of the Royal Guards. Mostly serves as comic relief. Voiced by Richard Epcar.
    • Balloon: A white and gray tabby cat who is a member of the Royal Guards. Usually sometimes able to find magic drops. Voiced by Haviland Stillwell.
    • Mela: A calico cat who is a member of the Royal Guards. Voiced by Sandy Fox.
    • Winged Guards: A team of bald eagles who serve as aerial recons for Pocket Kingdom.

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Evershell: A wise turtle. He helps Kate, Magic and the Royal Guards through the various riddles he tells them. A distant relative of his, Slowpoke, was one of the many animals Kate and Magic help a girl gain a new pet.
  • Spot (Wallace): A stray Schnoodle pup with a Scottish accent who helps Princess Ami in the streets. By the finale, Princess Ami offers Spot a place in the Royal Guards, but he declines. Voiced by Phil Lollar.
  • Koty: A chatterbox koala who serves as secretary responsible for the kingdom's hall of records.
  • Holiday: A rooster who is the owner of the Pocketville Gift Shop and gives Princess Ami a new collar in the finale.
  • Peter: Katie's father.
  • Maria: Katie's mother. For most of the season, she is working elsewhere. Voiced by Reba West.


  • Ima (Eva): A seal-point Siamese cat who is Princess Ami's jealous twin sister and has a desire to become queen of the Pocket Kingdom. She tries to steal the Friendship Heart from Kate. Her hideout is the Ever Grey Swamp. Voiced by Katherine Wilson.
  • Zull and Gort: Rottweiler and pit bull, respectively. Two puppies who serve as Ima's underlings. True to their role, they are none too bright and often mess up. Zull is voiced by Richard Epcar, and Gort is voiced by Aaron Albertus.
  • Krakia: A crow who serves as Ima's aerial recon. Through the Unfriendliness Ritual, Krakia is able to go to the Big City. Voiced by Haviland Stillwell
  • Durillia: A female crocodile. She is said by Ima to be the villains' answer to Evershell. It is Durillia who explains to Ima about the Unfriendliness Ritual, which is held in the Valley of No One. Voiced by Katie Leigh.
  • The Petbuster: The main human antagonist, he is described by Wallace as the meanest human of all. He captures pets and illegally resells them in auctions. In the finale, he captures Ima in place of Ami, claiming that while not what he was looking for she will do.


Ep# Title
1a–1b"Friendship Ceramony / The Unexpected Guest"

Friendship Ceremony: Kate wishes for her own dog for her birthday, while over in the world of Pocketville, the evil Princess Eva wants to steal the Friendship Heart.

The Unexpected Guest: Kate finds herself in the world of Pocketville.
2a–2b"Evershell the Wise / Going Home"

Evershell the Wise: Kate and the Dogs venture through the wise turtle Evershell's Cave to help find Princess Ava.

Going Home: Princess Eva tries to take Kate's half of the Friendship Heart.
3a–3b"A Great Responsibility"
Kate and Magic help a young girl find a new dog she wants, however Princess Eva captures Kate and Magic.
4a–4b"Crest of a Wave / Frisbee"

Crest of a Wave: Kate and Magic help Annabelle to find a pet to help her overcome her fear of water.

Frisbee: A Saint-Bernard Puppy for a boy named Liam leads Kate and Magic up to a mountain where Eva is!
5a–5b"Don't be Afraid / Food for Thought"

Don't be Afraid: When Kate and Magic organise a quest to find Princess Ava, they find a girl who wants a Kitten to overcome her mother's fear of Cats. In the big city, Ava meets Wallace.

Food for Thought: Kate and Magic help a girl to eat healthier by giving her a Chef Hamster.
6a–6b"New Friends"
When Kate comes back to school, she notices that one of her human friends needs a new pet. Unfortunately, she gets trapped by Princess Eva, who wants to keep Princess Ava in the human world for good!
Kate chooses a pet for her friend, while Eva and her henchman continue on their journey to keep Ava in the real world.
8a–8b"Believe in Yourself"
As Kate tries to find a pet for a girl who has lost self-confidence, Eva gets to them and it's up to the new dog Frankie, alongside Magic and Kate to defeat her in a game of Pawball. In the big city, Princess Ava continues to survive in the big city with Wallace.
9a–9b"Heads Up"
Eva and her henchman find where the "Never Alone" flower is. Kate and Magic help a girl named Michele who has been teased a lot.
10a–10b"The Search"
Kate and Magic attempt to find Ava in the big city, while Ava and Wallace are being watched on by an evil Pet Buster. Meanwhile back at Pocketville, Eva finds the "Never Alone" Flower, but is watched on.
11a–11b"The Bargain"
Stephan wishes for a Pig, but his Mum wants to be clean. Kate helps him out. Eva also finds the "Never Alone" Flower, and begins a recipe to make an "Anti-Friendship Ceremony".
Kate and Magic help out a boy with stage fright called Daniel, while Eva thinks of a plan to hitch Kate's hair.
13a–13b"A Bad Fall"
Kate and Magic look for an animal to help Vanessa after she falls and hurts herself in a Horse Race, however Eva finally gains Kate's Hair, so her ingredients for the Anti-Friendship Ceremony are complete.
14a–14b"Kate's Birthday"
Kate's Mum returns for her birthday. Kate finds a way to find Ava at the same time as her party, which is at a funfair. Eventually, The Pet Buster captures Ava and injures Wallace.
15a–15b"The Puppybuster"
Wallace tells Kate and Magic about the Pet Buster. Meanwhile, Kate and Magic find a pet for a little girl named Nicole. Afterwards, the friends try and track down the Pet Buster's whereabouts.
16a–16b"White Paw"
Kate and Magic find a puppy for Alice, while Wallace helps find where the Pet Buster lives.
17a–17b"White as a Ghost"
As Kate and Magic help a girl with an overprotective mother find a pet, Eva hitches a plan to keep Ava in the real world for good.
18a–18b"Friendship is a Treasure"
A Bandit requires a ransom for Kate to retrieve Ava. They go along and find the cash. Eva on the other hand, teams up with the Pet Buster to gain back Ava.
19a–19b"Sweet Dreams"
The Pet Buster gains back Ava. Meanwhile Kate helps out one of her classmates who is looking for a small pet.
20a–20b"Good Manners"
Another one of Kate's Classmates is wanting a perfect pet. Bella, the dog who she wants to choose, tries to give Eva's henchman a lesson in manners, which fails, but succeeds in a trick learnt by Kate.
21a–21b"Operation Princess"
Kate finds a way into the Pet Buster's house and frees Ava again, but the Pet Buster tricks her Dad into thinking she is breaking into his house!
22a–22b"In the Cove of the Cat"
Kate gets grounded for "breaking into a house", but she gets happier when she hears that her Dad's coworker's daughter is in need for a pet. Meanwhile, Eva begins a plan to steal the Friendship Heart.
23a–23b"Finally Free!"
After learning about Eva and the Pet Buster's teamwork, Kate and Magic find an animal to teach them how to defend themselves. Meanwhile, The Pet Buster breaks into Kate's house and neutralizes her Dad.
24a–24b"A Gift for Ava"
Kate and Magic help another one of Kate's classmates to find a pet. Meanwhile, the other dogs help make a wonderful gift for Ava.
25a–25b"The Last Piece"
Kate learns about why Ava cannot return to Pocketville, so the solution is to help out another child in need, this time being a boy named Lucas, who wants a pet. Eva however, once again causes trouble.
26a–26b"Together Forever!"
It's the day when Ava returns to Pocketville. However this time when Eva tries to take the Friendship Heart, it takes her to the real world instead and Ava back into Pocketville. Meanwhile, The Pet Buster gets released from Prison and fouls to capture Ava again.


DVD releasesEdit

  • The complete series was released over eight DVD volumes by Visual Entertainment Group in Australia.
  • The first volume has been released by Entertainment One Music in the USA on 10 September 2013.[2]
  • The complete series was released over eight DVD volumes by Viva Entertainment In the Middle East (Arabic/English) Audio Tracks.
  • The complete series was released over eight DVD volumes by TIGA Entertainment in Thailand.
  • The complete series was released over eight DVD volumes by Medusa Video in Italy.

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