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Pulse of the Planet is a syndicated daily American radio series produced by Jim Metzner, which highlights world cultures, environmental and scientific issues and discoveries. The program provides listeners with a two-minute audio snippet of the subject, blending interviews and topical ambience to bring lesser publicized themes to the mainstream.[1] The series began on September 23, 1989 and continues through present day. It is broadcast across 250 public and commercial radio stations around the world, including the Armed Forces Radio Network.[2]

Pulse of the Planet
Running time2 Minutes
Country of originUnited States
South Africa
Home stationIndependently Syndicated
Armed Forces Network
Hosted byJim Metzner Productions
Created byJim Metzner
Produced byJim Metzner
Original releaseSeptember 23, 1989 – present
Audio formatMP3
Sponsored byVirginia Tech

Other AvenuesEdit

Since its launch in 1989, Pulse of the Planet has extended out from radio, into several other directions with the rise of the internet. In June 2009, Pulse of the Planet launched a Twitter account, linking to MP3 clips of the radio program on its web page with a short teaser of the topic.

The website expands on one story each month for its monthly features page, supplementing the original radio spot with additional text and photographs.