Puerto Rico Highway 5

Puerto Rico Highway 5 (PR-5) is a main highway in the San Juan Metropolitan area which connects the cities of Cataño to Bayamón[3] and is being extended and converted to a tollway (it has a toll plaza[4] in Bayamón near PR-2 and PR-174) to access the municipalities of Naranjito and Comerío. It is a short freeway from south Cataño to the business area in Bayamón. It makes intersections with PR-22, PR-6, PR-2 and PR-199, where it ends at this time. The highway will parallel Puerto Rico Highway 167 and will contain the new cable-stayed bridge being built between Bayamón and Naranjito. It will probably end in Puerto Rico highway 152 when completed.

Puerto Rico Primary Highway 5 markerPuerto Rico Urban Primary Highway 5 markerPuerto Rico Secondary Highway 5 markerPuerto Rico Tertiary Highway 5 marker
Highway 5
Ruta 5
Route information
Maintained by Metropistas
Length25.7 km[1][2] (16.0 mi)
Southern segment
South end PR-152 / PR-164 in AchioteNaranjito barrio-pueblo
Major intersections
North end PR-828 in OrtízBuena Vista
Northern segment
South end PR-199 in Cerro GordoMinillas
Major intersections
North endCalle Canal in Cataño barrio-pueblo
CountryUnited States
TerritoryPuerto Rico
MunicipalitiesNaranjito, Toa Alta, Bayamón, Cataño
Highway system
PR-3 PR-6

Route descriptionEdit

Cataño to BayamónEdit

PR-5 begins in a dead end in downtown Cataño, on a peninsula overlooking San Juan Bay. It crosses downtown Cataño on an urban street, passing through the main square. Shortly after an intersection with PR-165, it becomes a divided avenue until reaching PR-22 at the Bayamon city limit.[5]

After the PR-22 intersection, it becomes a freeway, paralleling the Metro Urbano bus rapid transit route. After an intersection with PR-29, it becomes an avenue in downtown Bayamon, where the Metro Urbano ends. After the intersection with PR-2, it becomes a tolled freeway until this section ends, becoming the western section of PR-199.

Toa Alta to NaranjitoEdit

This section begins at an intersection with PR-167, near the border with Bayamon. This segment passes through the Jesús Izcoa Moure Bridge and is a freeway until the junction with PR-148. It then continues as a non divide highway, and then becomes divided until its end at an intersection with PR-164 and PR-152. This entire segment was originally known as PR-147.


Location Toll Direction AutoExpreso
replenishment (R)
Bayamón $0.35 Two-way    

Major intersectionsEdit

NaranjitoAchioteNaranjito barrio-pueblo line25.716.0   PR-152 south / PR-164 west – Barranquitas, CorozalSouthern terminus of PR-5; southern terminus of PR-164 concurrency
25.515.8  PR-164 (Calle Georgetti Fas) – NaranjitoNorthern terminus of PR-164 concurrency
Naranjito barrio-pueblo25.3–
To PR-164 (Calle Grorgetti Fas) / PR-Calle Marcelino Cruz Cosme – Naranjito
Achiote24.715.3  PR-825 – Naranjito, Achiote
PR-147 to PR-164 – Naranjito
Former highway
21.013.0   PR-148 south / PR-826 – Bayamón, Comerío, Guadiana
19.011.8PR-Camino Hatito – GuadianaNorthbound exit and entrance
Lago La Plata19.0–
Puente Jesús Izcoa Moure
Toa AltaOrtíz18.311.4 
To PR-167 – Bayamón, Comerío
Incomplete diamond interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
Toa AltaBayamón
municipal line
OrtízBuena Vista line17.010.6  
PR-828 (Avenida Los Palacios) to PR-167 (Avenida Ramón Luis Rivera) – Bayamón, Comerío, Ortíz
Northern terminus of southern segment; all northbound traffic must exit; partial cloverleaf interchange; mainline stub exist for a future extension
Temporary gap in PR-5
BayamónCerro GordoMinillas line11.37.0  
PR-199 to PR-831 – Bayamón, Comerío, Minillas, Cerro Gordo
Southern terminus of northern segment; seagull intersection
Minillas10.96.8PR-Avenida Magnolia / PR-Avenida Santa Juanita – BayamónDiamond interchange
MinillasCerro Gordo line9.55.97PR-Avenida Los Millones – BayamónDiamond interchange
Bayamón Toll Plaza
MinillasBayamón barrio-pueblo line7.9–
  PR-174 south (Avenida Doctor Agustín Stahl) / PR-Avenida Doctor Ramón Luis Rodríguez – Bayamón, Guaynabo, Aguas BuenasPartial cloverleaf interchange
Bayamón barrio-pueblo7.54.7  PR-2 – Guaynabo, San Juan, AreciboSingle-point urban interchange
7.14.4   PR-855 – BayamónAll turns via Calle Ramón Emeterio Betances
Juan Sánchez6.94.3   PR-8855 (Avenida Bobby Capó) – Bayamón
6.74.2  PR-29 (Avenida Main Oeste) – Bayamón, Arecibo, Hato TejasTrumpet interchange
6.03.7  PR-6 south (Calle San José) – GuaynaboTrumpet interchange
5.33.3  PR-28 (Avenida Francisco José de Goya) – Guaynabo, San JuanDiamond interchange
municipal line
Juan SánchezPalmas line4.2–
   PR-22 (Autopista José de Diego) / PR-869 (Carretera Industrial) – San Juan, Arecibo, PalmasNorthern terminus of Expreso Río Hondo; southern terminus of Carretera Rafael Torres Ortega; PR-22 exits 9 and 10
  PR-8869 (Calle Leopoldo Figueroa) – Cucharillas, Puente Blanco
1.60.99  PR-165 (Avenida El Caño) – San Juan, Toa BajaNorthern terminus of Carretera Rafael Torres Ortega; diamond interchange; southern terminus of Avenida José Celso Barbosa
Cataño barrio-pueblo0.80.50  PR-24 (Calle Wilson) – GuaynaboOne-way street
0.40.25  PR-888 (Avenida Las Nereidas) – Cataño
0.00.0PR-Calle Canal – CatañoNorthern terminus of PR-5
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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