Puente de Isabel II

The Puente de Isabel II, Puente de Triana or Triana Bridge, is a metal arch bridge in Seville, Spain, that connects the Triana neighbourhood with the centre of the city. It crosses the Canal de Alfonso XIII, one of the arms of the River Guadalquivir that isolate Triana as an almost-island.

Triana Bridge

Puente de Isabel II
Pont Triana.jpg
Coordinates37°23′10″N 6°00′08″W / 37.386222°N 6.002333°W / 37.386222; -6.002333Coordinates: 37°23′10″N 6°00′08″W / 37.386222°N 6.002333°W / 37.386222; -6.002333
LocaleSeville,  Spain
Total length149 metres (489 ft)
Height99 metres (325 ft)

It was built during the reign of Isabella II of Spain and completed in 1852 as the first solid bridge in Seville, replacing an earlier floating bridge consisting of boats (a pontoon bridge). First built by the Moors in the 12th century, the pontoon bridge managed to exist for seven centuries due to later repairs.[1]

Map of Seville


  1. ^ Troyano, Leonardo Fernández (2003). Bridge Engineering. Thomas Telford. p. 145. ISBN 978-0-7277-3215-6. there have been pontoon bridges which lasted many centuries due to successive repairs and rebuilds. A good example is [...] Triana bridge, which was a pontoon bridge for almost 700 years, from the twelfth century, when the Moors built it