List of public sector organisations in New Zealand

Public sector organisations in New Zealand comprise the state sector organisations plus those of local government.

Within the state sector lies the state services, and within this lies the core public service.[1]

Legally, the Legislative Branch non-public service departments (the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives[2] and the Parliamentary Service[3]), Executive Branch non-public service departments, and the public service departments are all part of "the Crown".[4]

State sectorEdit

Offices of ParliamentEdit

State services departmentsEdit

Public service departmentsEdit

The public service in New Zealand technically consists solely of the departments listed below.

Departmental agenciesEdit

  • replaces the Office of Ethnic Communities (previously Ethnic Affairs) that was part of Internal Affairs[6]

Interdepartmental executive boardsEdit

State services organisations outside the core public serviceEdit

Reserve Bank of New ZealandEdit

Crown entitiesEdit

Crown agentsEdit
Autonomous crown entitiesEdit
Independent crown entitiesEdit
Crown entity companiesEdit
Crown Research Institutes (CRIs)Edit

(with principal campuses)

School boards of trusteesEdit

See: Education in New Zealand

Tertiary education institutionsEdit

State-owned tertiary institutions consist of universities, colleges of education (teachers colleges), polytechnics (institutes of technology) and wānanga. In addition there are numerous non-state-owned private training establishments.


(and amalgamated colleges of education, with principal campus only)

Institutes of Technology and PolytechnicsEdit

(with principal campus only)


(with principal campus only)

The following wānanga are those who have been granted Crown entity status; there are many that have not.

Independent statutory entitiesEdit

Public Finance Act Schedule 4 OrganisationsEdit

  • Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust
  • Asia New Zealand Foundation
  • Fish and Game Councils
    • Auckland and Waikato
    • Central South Island
    • Eastern
    • Hawke's Bay
    • Nelson Marlborough
    • North Canterbury
    • Northland
    • Otago
    • Southland
    • Taranaki
    • Wellington
    • West Coast
  • Leadership Development Centre Trust
  • Māori Trustee
  • National Pacific Radio Trust
  • New Zealand Fast Forward Limited
  • New Zealand Fish and Game Council
  • New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust Board
  • New Zealand Government Property Corporation
  • New Zealand Lottery Grants Board
  • Ngāi Tahu Ancillary Claims Trust
  • Pacific Co-operation Foundation
  • Pacific Island Business Development Trust
  • Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand Limited
  • Reserve Boards (24)
  • Road Safety Trust
  • Sentencing Council

State-owned enterprisesEdit

The state enterprises are listed in Schedule 1 of the State-owned Enterprises Act.[9]

Local governmentEdit

Local government in New Zealand consists of city councils, district councils and regional councils. These are all also known as "local authorities". City councils and district councils are collectively known as territorial authorities.[10] Local authorities may set up various council-controlled organisations for specific purposes.

Regional councilsEdit

City and district councilsEdit

Historic organisationsEdit

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