Public housing estates in Yau Tong

The following is an overview of public housing estates in Yau Tong, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, including Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS), and Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) estates.



Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Ko Cheung Court 高翔苑 Public/DSQ 2004 5 1,800
Ko Chun Court 高俊苑 HOS 1995 5 1,616
Ko Yee Estate 高怡邨 Public 1994 4 1,278
Lei Yue Mun Estate 鯉魚門邨 Public 2002 3 2,397
Yau Lai Estate 油麗邨 Public 2005 6 2,550
Yau Mei Court and Yau Chui Court 油美苑及油翠苑 HOS/DSQ 2002 11 3,872
Yau Tong Centre 油塘中心 PSPS 1981 9 506
Yau Tong Estate 油塘邨 Public 2000 5 3,596

Ko Cheung CourtEdit

Ko Cheung Court

Ko Cheung Court (Chinese: 高翔苑) consists of nine blocks built in 2004.

Developed in the Ko Chiu Road Redevelopment Phase 5,[1] the estate was planned to be an HOS estate. However, five blocks were converted to public rental housing[2][3] and another four blocks were converted to Disciplined Services Quarters before occupation.[4]


Name[5][6] Type Usage Completion
Ko Hang House New Cruciform Block Rental housing 2004
Ko Ki House
Ko Lun House
Ko On House
Ko Sui House
Ko Fei House New Harmony 1 Disciplined Service Quarters
Ko Ching House
Ko Fung House New Harmony 2
Ko Hong House

Ko Chun CourtEdit

Ko Chun Court

Ko Chun Court (Chinese: 高俊苑) is an HOS court in Yau Tong, and was built as a part of the demolished Ko Chiu Road Estate. It consists of five blocks built in 1995.


Name[7] Type Completion
Chun Wui House Harmony 1995
Chun Ying House
Chun Moon House
Chun Yat House
Chun Mau House

Ko Yee EstateEdit

Ko Yee Estate

Ko Yee Estate (Chinese: 高怡邨) is built as a part of the demolished Ko Chiu Road Estate. The estate comprises four blocks offering 1,300 units.[8]


Name[9] Type Completion
Ko Chi House Harmony 1 1994
Ko Yuen House
Ko Shing House Small Household Block 2000
Ko Yuen House

Lei Yue Mun EstateEdit

Lei Sang, Lei Ye, Lei Hing and Lei Lung House (from left to right)
Lei Wong House

Lei Yue Mun Estate (Chinese: 鯉魚門邨) consists of five residential blocks built in 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2016.[10]


Name[11] Type Completion
Lei Sang House Harmony 1 2001
Lei Ye House
Lei Hing House 2002
Lei Lung House 2007
Lei Wong House Non-Standard Domestic Block 2016

Yau Mei Court and Yau Chui CourtEdit

Yau Mei Court
Yau Chui Court

Yau Mei Court (Chinese: 油美苑) and Yau Chui Court (Chinese: 油翠苑) are HOS courts and disciplined staff quarters in Yau Tong, located along Lei Yue Mun Road next to Yau Tong MTR Station.[12][13]

Yau Tong CentreEdit

Yau Tong Centre

Yau Tong Centre (Chinese: 油塘中心) is a HOS and TPS court in Yau Tong, near Yau Tong MTR Station,[13] Yau Tong Bus Terminus,[14] Lei Yue Mun Estate and Yau Tong Industrial Area.[15][16] It consists of nine blocks built in 1981.


Name[17] Type Completion
Tower 1 Private Sector Participation Scheme 1981
Tower 2
Tower 3
Tower 4
Tower 5
Tower 6
Tower 7
Tower 8
Tower 9

Yau Tong EstateEdit

Yau Tong Estate

Yau Tong Estate (Chinese: 油塘邨) was a resettlement estate but it is now redeveloped.

Yau Lai EstateEdit

Yau Lai Estate
Yau Lai Estate Phase 4 Landscape Garden
Yau Lai Estate Phase 5

Yau Lai Estate (Chinese: 油麗邨) is a public housing estate located near Eastern Harbour Tunnel and Yau Tong MTR Station.[13] The estate was developed in four phases. Formerly an HOS estate, Phase 1 consists of six residential blocks completed in 2005.[18] Phase 3 consists of 2 blocks completed in 2008.[19] Phase 4 consists of 3 blocks completed in 2009.[20][21] Phase 5 and 6 consist of 2 blocks completed in 2011. Phase 7 consist of 2 blocks completed in 2019.


Name[22] Type Completion
Bik Lai House New Cruciform Block 2005
Chi Lai House
Ngai Lai House
Sau Lai House
Yat Lai House
Yi Lai House
Ying Lai House New Harmony 1 2008
Fung Lai House
Hong Lai House Non-standard (Cruciform Block) 2009
Tsui Lai House
Yan Lai House
Cheuk Lai House Non-standard (Y-Shaped) 2011
Yung Lai House
Sun Lai House Non-standard (W-Shaped) 2019