Public housing estates in Pok Fu Lam, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau

The following shows the public housing estates (including Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS), Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) and Sandwich Class Housing Scheme (SCHS)) in Pok Fu Lam, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau of Southern District, Hong Kong.


Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Ap Lei Chau Estate 鴨脷洲邨 Public 1980 8 4,453
Broadview Court 雅濤閣 PSPS 2001 4 1,540
Hung Fuk Court 鴻福苑 HOS 1997 2 700
Marina Habitat 悅海華庭 Sandwich 1998 3 992 HK Housing Society
Ka Lung Court 嘉隆苑 HOS 1991 4 1,402
Lei Tung Estate 利東邨 TPS 1987 8 3,363
Ocean Court 逸港居 PSPS 2000 3 550
Shek Pai Wan Estate 石排灣邨 Public 2006 4 2,877
South Wave Court 南濤閣 PSPS 1995 3 1,040
Tin Wan Estate 田灣邨 Public 1997 5 3,165
Wah Fu (I) Estate 華富(一)邨 Public 1967 12 4,803
Wah Fu (II) Estate 華富(二)邨 Public 1970 6 4,346
Wah Kwai Estate 華貴邨 TPS 1990 6 1,413
Yue Fai Court 漁暉苑 HOS 1980 6 1,320
Yue Kwong Chuen 漁光村 Public 1965 5 1,175 HK Housing Society
Yue On Court 漁安苑 HOS 1988 7 1,960

Ap Lei Chau EstateEdit

Ap Lei Chau Estate

Ap Lei Chau Estate (Chinese: 鴨脷洲邨) is a public estate in Ap Lei Chau. It is the first public housing estate in Ap Lei Chau. Completed in two phases in 1980[1] and 1982 respectively, the estate consists of 8 residential blocks providing 4,453 flats.[2] It was one of the public housing estates built from 1980 to 1982 to accommodate people affected by a major fire in Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter.[3]


Name Type Completion
Lei Ning House Old Slab 1980
Lei Yee House
Lei Tim House
Lei Chak House Triple H
Lei Fook House Double H 1982
Lei Moon House


Broadview CourtEdit

Broadview Court

Broadview Court (Chinese: 雅濤閣) is a HOS and PSPS court in Shum Wan Road, Wong Chuk Hang, next to the Aberdeen Marina Club and Ocean Park. Jointly developed by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and COSCO International,[5] the court has a total of 4 blocks built in 2001.


Name[6] Type Completion
Block 1 Private Sector Participation Scheme 2001
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4

Hung Fuk CourtEdit

Hung Fuk Court

Hung Fuk Court (Chinese: 鴻福苑) is a HOS court in Tin Wan, Aberdeen, near Tin Wan Estate.[7] It consists of 2 blocks completed in 1997.


Name[8] Type Completion
Hung Lai House NCB 1997
Hung Chak House

Ka Lung CourtEdit

Ka Lung Court

Ka Lung Court (Chinese: 嘉隆苑) is a HOS court on the reclaimed land of Kellett Bay in Tin Wan Praya Road,[9] Pok Fu Lam, next to Wah Kwai Estate. It comprises 4 blocks built in 1991.


Name[10] Type Completion
Ka Sing House NCB 1991
Ka Ping House
Ka Chun House
Ka Kit House

Lei Tung EstateEdit

Lei Tung Estate

Lei Tung Estate (Chinese: 利東邨) is a mixed public and Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) estate in Ap Lei Chau. Built at a hill called Yuk Kwai Shan, it is the second public housing estate in Ap Lei Chau. It is developed into a self-contained community with various kinds of recreational and commercial facilities. It consists of 8 residential blocks with 2 blocks of Trident I type and 6 blocks of Trident II type, built between 1987 and 1988 with a total of about 7,500 units.[11][12] In 2004, some of the flats were sold to tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 6A.[13][14]


Name Type Completion
Tung Mau House Trident I 1987
Tung Hing House
Tung Cheong House Trident II
Tung Yip House
Tung Ping House
Tung Sing House 1988
Tung On House
Tung Yat House


Marina HabitatEdit

Marina Habitat

Marina Habitat (Chinese: 悅海華庭) is a Sandwich Class Housing Scheme court in Ap Lei Chau developed by the Hong Kong Housing Society,[16] built at the reclaimed land outside Main Street, Ap Lei Chau at the waterfront of Ap Lei Chau.[17] It consists of 3 residential towers on top of a 3-storey podium.[18]


Name[19] Type Completion
Block 1 Sandwich Class Housing Scheme 1998
Block 2
Block 3

Ocean CourtEdit

Ocean Court

Ocean Court (Chinese: 逸港居) is a HOS and PSPS court on the reclaimed land in Aberdeen, located on the waterfront of Aberdeen Praya Road. The residential development was built in 2000, and it comprises three 31-storey residential towers providing 550 domestic units.[20]


Name[21] Type Completion
Block 1 Private Sector Participation Scheme 2000
Block 2
Block 3

Shek Pai Wan EstateEdit

Shek Pai Wan Estate

Shek Pai Wan Estate (Chinese: 石排灣邨) is a public estate in Shek Pai Wan, the hillside at the east of Aberdeen, Hong Kong. It comprises 7 residential blocks, a non-standard small household block, a primary school, a shopping centre[22] and a bus terminus.[23]

South Wave CourtEdit

South Wave Court

South Wave Court (Chinese: 南濤閣) is a HOS and PSPS court beside Nam Long Shan in Wong Chuk Hang, near Sham Wan and Aberdeen Marina Club.[24] It has 3 blocks built in 1995.


Name[25] Type Completion
Block 1 Private Sector Participation Scheme 1995
Block 2
Block 3

Tin Wan EstateEdit

Tin Hong, Tin Kin, Tin Chak and Tin Lai House (from left to right)
Housing For Senior Citizens

Tin Wan Estate (Chinese: 田灣邨) is a public estate in Tin Wan, to the west of Aberdeen.[26]


Tin Wan Estate was a resettlement estate which had a total of 15 blocks built between 1962 and 1965.[27] The blocks were demolished in 1992[28] and replaced by 5 residential buildings in 1997.[29]


Name Type Completion
Tin Chak House Harmony 1 1997
Tin Hong House
Tin Kin House
Tin Lai House
Housing For Senior Citizens Non-standard


Wah Fu EstateEdit

Wah Fu Estate

Wah Fu Estate (Chinese: 華富邨) is a public estate located by the Kellett Bay, Pok Fu Lam. Divided into Wah Fu (I) Estate (Chinese: 華富(一)邨) and Wah Fu (II) Estate (Chinese: 華富(二)邨), the whole estate has a total of 18 residential blocks completed between 1967 and 1978.[30]

Wah Kwai EstateEdit

Wah Kwai Estate

Wah Kwai Estate (Chinese: 華貴邨) is a mixed public and TPS estate on the reclaimed land of Kellett Bay, Pok Fu Lam,[26][31][32] located near Wah Fu Estate. The estate consists of 6 residential buildings built in 1990 and 1991.[33] In 1998, some of the flats were sold to tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 1.[34]


Name Type Completion
Wah Hau House Trident 4 1990
Wah Lim House
Wah Lai House
Wah Sin House
Wah Yin House
Wah Oi House Small Household Block 1997


Yue Fai CourtEdit

Yue Fai Court

Yue Fai Court (Chinese: 漁暉苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme court in Shek Pai Wan, Aberdeen, near Shek Pai Wan Estate and Yue Kwong Chuen. It consists of 6 blocks completed in 1980,[36] and it was one of the earliest HOS courts in Hong Kong.


Name[37] Type Completion
Yuk Fai House Non-Standard 1980
Yat Fai House
Mei Fai House
On Fai House
King Fai House
Tin Fai House

Yue Kwong ChuenEdit

Shun Fung Lau of Yue Kwong Chuen
Hoy Kong Lau of Yue Kwong Chuen

Yue Kwong Chuen (Chinese: 漁光村) is a public estate in Aberdeen, developed by the HKHS,[26] and it is the only estate in Southern District developed by the Hong Kong Housing Society.[38]

The estate comprises 5 blocks built in 1962, 1963 and 1965 respectively.[39] It is the second oldest existing public housing estate developed by the Hong Kong Housing Society (the first one is Ming Wah Dai Ha), and also the oldest one in Southern District.[40]


Name Completion
Shun Fung Lau 1962–1963
Pak Sha Lau
Hoy Kong Lau
Ching Hoy Lau 1965
Hoy Au Lau


Yue On CourtEdit

Yue On Court

Yue On Court (Chinese: 漁安苑) is a HOS court in Ap Lei Chau, near Aberdeen South Typhoon Shelter and Lei Tung Estate. It comprises 7 Cruciform blocks of 35 storeys.[43]


Name[44] Type Completion
Ngan On House Flexi 3 1988
Choi On House
Pik On House
Tse On House
Har On House
Shan On House
Wu On House


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