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Public Money & Management (PMM) is an academic journal which was established by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) in 1981 as Public Money to be "an independent journal to promote discussion of public sector policy making". The journal obtained its current title in 1988. The journal continues to be owned and managed by CIPFA, who have licensed Routledge to handle sales and marketing, manufacturing, and distribution. Public Money & Management is now a highly rated journal academically and is also read by practitioners. It has grown from three issues a year to seven covering international public management and finance.



The Editor is Andrew Massey (Exeter University, UK); the Deputy Editor is Andreas Bergmann (ZHAW, Switzerland); the Chairman of the editorial board is Michael Bichard (House of Lords, UK); and the Managing Editor is Michaela Lavender (CIPFA, UK); Sarah Cooper (Exeter University, UK) is Assistant Editor.

PMM's editorial board is made up of academics and practitioners from across the world. Countries represented on PMM's board include: the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, The Netherlands; Hong Kong; Colombia; Austria; Norway; and Italy.

Former editors include: Sheila Ellwood, Jane Broadbent, Andrew Gray, Sandra Nutley, Francis Terry, Colin Talbot, Michael Connolly, and Sue Richards.


As well as general issues, the journal publishes two or three themes a year which are guest edited by specialists in the subject being covered. Past and forthcoming themes include:

  • Managing and financing China's intergovernmental relations. Guest editors: XiaoHu Wang and James Chan
  • Managing and accounting for sustainable development across generations in public services. Guest editors: Suzana Grubnic, Ian Thomson and Georgios Georgakopolous
  • Information-sharing: easy to say, but harder to do well. Guest editors: Rob Wilson et al.
  • Co-production. Guest editors: Tony Bovaird, Sophie Flemig, Elke Loeffler and Stephen P. Osborne
  • Innovations in public sector financial and management accounting: for better or worse? Guest editors: Eugenio Caperchione, Sandra Cohen, Francesca Manes Rossi and Isabel Brusca
  • Performance measurement of hybrid organizations-emerging issues and future research perspectives. Guest editors: Giuseppe Grossi, Christoph Reichard, Anna Thomasson and Jarmo Vakkuri
  • Public sector reforms and workplace ill-treatment
. Guest editors: Duncan Lewis, Tim Bentley and Stephen T. T. Teo
  • The charity sector in a changing world. Guest editor: Noel Hyndman
  • A collaborative public service-what are the management and organizational challenges of more joined-up government. Guest editors: Rob Wilson, Paul Jackson and Martin Ferguson


PMM's editors want published contributions to have real-world impact. Therefore all main paper submissions (7000 words) are peer reviewed by an academic and a practitioner. Main papers need to be understandable by nonspecialist and authors include an 'Impact' statement explaining who should be reading the paper and why. PMM also publishes debate articles (1000 words) and new development articles (2500 words); these are accepted at the editors' discretion, who may consult academic and practitioner specialists in the area. These articles are published very quickly and address topics that need urgent consideration by policy-makers and public sector managers and, often, the media.

PMM Live!Edit

Another way that Public Money & Management has impact on policy-making and management is through its annual PMM Live! events held in the House of Lords, London and chaired by Lord Bichard. The 2018 PMM Live! is being organized by Karen Johnston and will be held on 7 November. The topic will be Sex, politics and policy.

Public Money & Management's first PMM Live!, in September 2014, was on Benchmarking public services for excellent performance and was based on a PMM theme in Vol. 33, No. 4 guest edited by Clive Grace and Alan Fenna. The second PMM Live! in October 2015 was on Sustainable public management: lessons for impact. Speakers were Christopher Pollitt, Sue Newberry, Jeffrey Unerman and Ian Carruthers. The third PMM Live!, in November 2016, took the theme: Needing to know? Do policy-makers have enough information to ensure rational government? Speakers were David Walker, Jane Broadbent, and Colin Talbot. The fourth PMM Live! was held in October 2017 on Charities in the public service space. Speakers were Baroness Pitkeathley, Noel Hyndman, Carolyn Cordery and Andrew Hind.

Notable authorsEdit

Notable authors include David Miliband, Sir Howard Davies, Sir Andrew Likierman, Christopher Pollitt, John Seddon, Peter M. Jackson, Lord Bichard, Tony Bovaird, Pat Barrett, Jean Hartley, David Walker, Christoph Reichard, Jane Broadbent, Richard Laughlin and Colin Talbot.

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