Pseudosasa is a genus of East Asian bamboo in the grass family.[3][4]

Pseudosasa japonica6.jpg
Pseudosasa japonica
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Clade: Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Subfamily: Bambusoideae
Tribe: Arundinarieae
Subtribe: Arundinariinae
Genus: Pseudosasa
Makino ex Nakai
Type species
Pseudosasa japonica[1][2]

Yadakeya Makino

These species are small to medium running plants, usually with one branch at a node. Its name comes from its resemblance to the genus Sasa. The species are native to China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, with a few species sparingly naturalized in various other regions (western Europe, North Africa, North America, New Zealand, etc.[5]

formerly included[1]

see Acidosasa Fargesia Gelidocalamus Indocalamus Oligostachyum Pleioblastus Sasa] Sasaella Sasamorpha Sinobambusa Yushania

  1. Pseudosasa acutivaginaAcidosasa nanunica
  2. Pseudosasa altiligulataAcidosasa nanunica
  3. Pseudosasa auricomaPleioblastus viridistriatus
  4. Pseudosasa flexuosaOligostachyum scabriflorum
  5. Pseudosasa guanxianensisIndocalamus longiauritus
  6. Pseudosasa hamadaeIndocalamus tessellatus
  7. Pseudosasa hirtaIndocalamus latifolius
  8. Pseudosasa hisauchiiSasaella hisauchii
  9. Pseudosasa kunishiiGelidocalamus kunishii
  10. Pseudosasa kurilensisSasa kurilensis
  11. Pseudosasa longiligulata – Sasa longiligulata
  12. Pseudosasa longivaginata – Indocalamus tessellatus
  13. Pseudosasa naibunensis – Ampelocalamus naibunensis
  14. Pseudosasa nanningensis – Sinobambusa intermedia
  15. Pseudosasa nanunica – Acidosasa nanunica
  16. Pseudosasa notata – Acidosasa notata
  17. Pseudosasa oiwakensis – Yushania niitakayamensis
  18. Pseudosasa projecta – Acidosasa nanunica
  19. Pseudosasa purpurascens – Sasamorpha borealis
  20. Pseudosasa spiculosa – Sasamorpha borealis
  21. Pseudosasa taiwanensis – Gelidocalamus kunishii
  22. Pseudosasa tessellata – Indocalamus tessellatus
  23. Pseudosasa togashiana – Sasa shimidzuana
  24. Pseudosasa truncatula – Indocalamus latifolius
  25. Pseudosasa uchidae – Sasa kurilensis
  26. Pseudosasa vicinia – Fargesia vicina
  27. Pseudosasa victorialis – Indocalamus victorialis
  28. Pseudosasa vittata – Indocalamus longiauritus