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The Provisional National Assembly (German: Provisorische National Versammlung), unofficially also referred to as the Vienna National Assembly, was the first parliament of the Republic of German-Austria. It functioned during and after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire from 21 October 1918 to 16 February 1919. The last meeting took place on 6 February 1919 when the Geschäftsordnung for the Constituent Assembly was adopted. The assembly was composed of the members of the Chamber of Deputies of the former Imperial Council, who had represented the German-speaking areas of the Austrian half of the dual monarchy. It therefore also involved delegates whose territories were not allowed to join German-Austria because of the Treaty of St. Germain. The 208 deputies were all men; in the elections of 1911 women had not been eligible to vote yet.[1]

Provisional National Assembly

Provisorische Nationalversammlung
Coat of arms or logo
Lesser coat of arms of Cisleithania (1915–1918)
Founded21 October 1918
Disbanded16 February 1919
Preceded byImperial Council
Succeeded byConstituent National Assembly
Provisional National Assembly composition.svg
Political groups
Last election
June and July 1911
Next election
16 February 1919
Meeting place
Provisorische Nationalversammlung für Deutschösterreich am 21. Oktober 1918.jpg
First meeting on 21 October 1918


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