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Province No. 3 (proposed name for the province: Bagmati[1]) is the provisional designation of one of the provinces established by the new constitution of Nepal which was adopted on 20 September 2015.[1]Most of the part of this province is hilly and mountainous.The capital of this country Kathmandu also lies in this province. It covers an area of 20,300, about 14% of the total area of the country. Gaurishankar, langtang, Jugal, Ganesh, etc are the major mountains present in this province. Deciduous forest, coniferous forest ,alpine forest are available here due to the altitude.Rainfall takes place mainly during summer .Temperature varies with altitude.

Province No. 3
Provinces of Nepal 2015.png
Country    Nepal
 • Total 20,300 km2 (7,800 sq mi)
 • Total 5,529,452
Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)
Geocode NP-TH


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