Callisto (band)

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Callisto is a post-metal band from Turku, Finland.

OriginTurku, Finland
GenresPost-metal, Experimental rock
Years active2001–present
LabelsFullsteam, Kireru, Earache, Svart
Associated actsAsa, Gasthaus Orkesteri, Jumalan Lapset, Lohtaja Sea Tragedy, Minus SF, Myllykangas, Pofony, Sattalite, Secret North Ox, Soundsleep, Taantumus, Uhrijuhla, Utunen, Viitasen Piia
MembersJani Ala-Hukkala
Markus Myllykangas
Tero Holopainen
Juho Niemelä
Ariel Björklund
Arto Karvonen
Jani Rättyä
Past membersJohannes Nygård (2001–2013)
Henri Kuittinen (2005)


The band was formed in 2001 in Kokkola. Whilst their early works are hardcore/metalcore, their first album True Nature Unfolds has a strong sludge metal and doom influence.

Recorded in 2004 by the late Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum fame and introduced to Earache Records a year later through Johannes Persson from Cult of Luna, earning them worldwide distribution.

The band's sophomore album Noir, released in 2006, still drawing from modern sludge also introduced subtle jazz leanings, heavy use of mellotron and experimentation with unconventional rock instruments such as the saxophone and the flute.

Their third album Providence, released in 2009, marked another experimental shift in style, taking some distance from the more instrumental material, Callisto composed a vocal record presenting a new member Jani Ala-Hukkala handling the vocals. The songs on "Providence" are built upon layers of melodies, using a broader palette they have coloured their sound with twangy guitars, mellotrons, prog rock overtones and a singing style that can be traced back to 90s-era vocalists like Layne Stayley.

In 2015 the band returned after some years of relatively quiet existence with a new album Secret Youth – their fourth full length. Secret Youth is a contradictory concoction of more straightforward elements mixed with a strong and somber experimental overtone, or "progressive noise rock" as the band themselves have described it. Callisto's cryptic lyrics often revolve around theological and existential themes and more difficult subjects, such as spiritual abuse.

Callisto has headlined several tours in Europe from 2004 to 2015. They also opened for High on Fire on their 2005 United Kingdom tour. In March 2007 Callisto showcased in Canada and the United States, playing at the Canadian Music Week in Toronto and the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.


Studio albums

  • True Nature Unfolds (2004)
  • Noir (2006)
  • Providence (2009)
  • Secret Youth (2015)

Other releases

  • Dying Desire (single, 2001)
  • Ordeal of the Century (mini CD, 2002)
  • Jemima/Klimenko (12", 2004)

Current membersEdit

  • Jani Ala-Hukkala - vocals
  • Markus Myllykangas – guitar, backing vocals
  • Tero Holopainen – guitar
  • Juho Niemelä – bass
  • Ariel Björklund – drums
  • Arto Karvonen – keyboards
  • Jani Rättyä - live percussion, backing vocals


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