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OJSC Proton-PM (Russian: ОАО «Протон-ПМ») is a Russian engine and heavy machinery manufacturing plant. It is located in the city of Perm, in the Perm Krai, on the bank of the Kama River.[3] It started in 1958 as the specialized branch of Plant No. 19 named after I. V. Stalin for the manufacturing of the RD-214 rocket engine. In 1964 it was given made a separate entity then known as Second Production. In the later years, it has branched intro producing gas turbine power plants.[4][5][6]

Native name
I.V. Stalin Plant No. 19
Open joint-stock company
FoundedPerm, Russia (March 12, 1958 (1958-03-12))
Headquarters93, avenue Komsomolsky, Perm, 614990, ,
Key people
Igor Arbuzov[1]
WebsiteOfficial Website


Current enginesEdit

Engines in current production at the plant:

Former enginesEdit

Engines that are no longer produced at the plant.

Gas TurbinesEdit

  • Ural-2500 gas-turbine power station (2.55 MW/ 5.82 Gcal per hour),
  • Ural-4000 gas-turbine power station (4.13 MW/ 8.3 Gcal per hour),
  • Ural-6000 gas-turbine power station (6.14 MW/ 11.44 Gcal per hour),
  • GTES-16PA gas-turbine power station (16.3 MW/ 19.48 Gcal per hour),
  • GTES-25P gas-turbine power station (23.0 MW/ 26.1 Gcal per hour).
  • GTU-32P (up to 34 40 MW)

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