Proterovaginoceras (Ancient Greek for "earlier shield horn") is a medium to large sized[ambiguous] endocerid (endocone-bearing orthoconic nautiliod) from the Early and Middle Ordovician included in the family Endoceratidae.

Temporal range: Darriwilian
~466–463.5 Ma
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Subclass: Nautiloidea
Order: Endocerida
Family: Endoceratidae
Genus: Proterovaginoceras
Reudemann, 1905
Type species
Proterovaginoceras belemnitiforme
(Holm 1885)
  • P. belemnitiforme (Holm 1885)
  • P. incognitum (Schröder 1882)
  • P. belemnitiforme
  • P. incognitum
    • Dideroceras amplum Balashov 1968
    • Dideroceras brevispiculum Balashov 1968
    • Dideroceras kundense Balashov 1968
    • Dideroceras longispicum Balashov 1968
    • Dideroceras pribalticum Balashov 1968
    • Endoceras duplex Wahlenberg 1821
    • Orthoceras duplex Wahlenberg 1821
    • Schmidtoceras estonicum Balashov 1968
    • Schmidtoceras kundense Balashov 1968
    • Vaginoceras endoseptum Chang 1957

Proterovaginoceras has a straight shell with a circular cross section, straight sutures, and a ventral to central, nanno-type, siphuncle which fills the entire apical part of the shell. Septal necks are macrochoanitic, up to two camerae (chambers) long; connecting rings, one chamber in length line the inside of the necks. Endocones are long and slender, fill the entire bulbous, nanno-end, of the siphuncle.

Proterovaginoceras was named by Reudemann in 1905. Dideroceras Flower 1950 and Chisloceras Gortani 1934 are probably synonymous equivalents.


Fossils of the genus have been found in:[1]


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