Progressive Democratic Party of Afghanistan

Progressive Democratic Party of Afghanistan (Persian: حزب مترقی دموکرات افغانستان‎) is a political party in Afghanistan, founded in 1966. It was led by Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal, who was prime minister from 1965-1967.

Progressive Democratic Party of Afghanistan
LeaderMohammad Wali Arya
FounderMohammad Hashim Maiwandwal
Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Political positionCentre-left
Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal, founder of the party

The party and its followers were generally known by the name of the party newspaper, Musawat.[1]

The party has recently reemerged as a legal party, and is registered with the Ministry of Justice. It is led by Mohammad Wali Arya who resides in the United States of America at the moment.[2]


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