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The Sunday Times Profit Track 100 is an annual league table published in association with The Sunday Times newspaper in the UK. It ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing profits over their last three years. It is published in The Sunday Times each April, with an awards event typically held in June,[1] and alumni dinners during the year. The league table is researched and produced by Fast Track, an Oxford based research and networking events business.[2]

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About Fast TrackEdit

Fast Track is a leading research and events company that has built a network of the UK’s top-performing private companies, from the fastest-growing to the biggest, through its rankings in The Sunday Times. Founded in 1997[2] by Hamish Stevenson,[3][4] it now publishes seven annual league tables and brings company founders and directors together at invitation-only networking awards events and alumni dinners.[5]

Entry criteriaEdit

Companies have to meet the criteria below to be able to qualify for the Profit Track 100 league table:

  • UK registered, unquoted, and not subsidiaries
  • Profits of at least £500,000 in the base year trading (latest year minus 3 years)
  • Profits of at least £3m in the latest year
  • Profits are defined as operating profits before exceptional items
  • Profits must increase in the latest year
  • Trading weeks in the base and latest years have to exceed 25

Companies that do not meet the criteria can still be considered for the Ones to Watch programme.[6] This is a selection of companies that have either achieved, or predict, good profit growth.


Excluded companies include pure property and financial trading companies, and those with restricted accounts; companies that are equal joint ventures, or majority-owned by quoted or other companies

Notable alumni companiesEdit

Profit Track 100 was launched in 2000 to recognise Britain’s private companies with the fastest growing profits. Since then, 1,500 companies have appeared on the league table, including:

  • Dyson first featured in 2000 having grown profits from £4.3m to profits of £24.3m.[7] In 2018, profits exceeded £1bn on global sales of £4.4bn.[8]
  • EG Group, the fuel forecourt operator, made its debut in 2008 with profits of £4.9m.[9] It was valued at £1.3bn in 2015[10] and has since expanded across America and Australia, reporting profits of £264.5m in 2018.
  • Travel search engine Skyscanner, featured in 2015 with profits of £17.7m[11] and was acquired for £1.4bn by Chinese travel group Ctrip in 2016.[12]
  •, the gaming website operator behind the Candy Crush Saga, featured in 2010 with profits of £4.7m.[13] It floated on the NYSE in 2014 valued at $7.1bn,[14] and was acquired by Activision Blizzard in 2015 for $5.9bn.[15]

Latest Profit Track 100 league tableEdit

The 21st annual Sunday Times Profit Track 100 league table supplement was due to be published on 5th April, 2020. However, given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Fast Track delayed publication in order to liaise with the featured companies.[16] Out of the original 100 companies, 70 explicitly asked to feature, and 30 did not want to be included.[17] In addition to the league table ranking, the supplement highlighted the positive actions that some companies took to support their staff, local communities, the NHS and key workers during the initial stages of the pandemic.[18][19] The number one ranked company was fitness clothing retailer Gymshark, which grew its operating profits from £1.1m in 2016 to £18.6m in 2019.[20]

Yearly WinnersEdit

Year Company Name Category Profit Growth (3 year average) Latest Profits (£000s)
2000 JobServe Internet Recruitment publisher 124.14% 7,250
2001 Hazell Carr Actuarial Services Provider 114.24% 14,472
2002 Complete Communications TV and Film Producer 177.50% 15,359
2003 Apple Corps Music Rights Owner 194.06% 18,234
2004 The Entertainment Group Film Distributor 196.85% 61,558
2005 Binomial Insurance Underwriter 159.30% 13,556
2006 HESCO Bastion Defence Barrier Maker 236.04% 35,598
2007 Virgin Money Bank 147.00% 9,117
2008 AFI Uplift Construction equipment supplier 114.24% 5,402
2009 Merlin Entertainment Visitor Attraction operator 129.66% 127,400
2010 Mayday Healthcare Recruitment Consultancy 166.54% 9,704
2011 R&R Ice Cream Ice Cream Manufacturer 210.22% 43,439
2012 Partnership Assurance Life Assurance Specialist 210.53% 37,701
2013 Partnership Assurance Life Assurance Specialist 176.36% 66,970
2014 The Hut Group Online Retailer 178.03% 10,853
2015 The Hut Group Online Retailer 216.58% 15,959
2016 Anesco Energy Efficiency Consultancy 179.15% 20,706
2017 Paymentsense Payment processing services 203% 14,000
2018 Dreams Bed manufacturer and retailer 166.89% 34,505
2019 Loveholidays Online travel agency 190.96% 13,350
2020 Gymshark Fitness clothing retailer 156.20% 18,565

Other Fast Track publicationsEdit

Profit Track 100 is one of seven league tables of private companies produced by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times:

  • Fast Track 100 – ranks the UK’s fastest-growing private companies based on sales (excluding TMT companies, which appear in Tech Track 100 (see below)
  • SME Export Track 100 – ranks the UK's SMEs with the fastest-growing international sales
  • Tech Track 100 – ranks the UK’s fastest-growing private technology companies based on sales (the sister table to Fast Track 100)
  • International Track 200 – ranks the UK’s private mid-market companies with the fastest-growing overseas sales
  • Profit Track 100 – ranks the UK’s private companies with the fastest-growing profits
  • Top Track 250 – ranks the UK’s leading mid-market private companies based on sales and/or profits growth
  • Top Track 100 – ranks the UK’s biggest private companies based on sales


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