Professional Footballers Australia

The Professional Footballers Australia (PFA), formerly the Australian Soccer Players' Association, is an Australian trade union affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions that represents professional male, female and elite junior soccer players.

Professional Footballers Australia
FoundedApril, 1993
HeadquartersMelbourne, Victoria
655 (2020)[1]
Key people
Alex Wilkinson, President
Kathryn Gill, Co-Chief Executive
Beau Busch, Co-Chief Executive
AffiliationsACTU, FIFPro


Before the PFA, eight previous attempts had been made to form a footballers' association in Australia. The PFA was formed in April 1993 as the Australian Soccer Players' Association.[2][3]

In 1994 the PFA won a standardised contract for footballers, and through the Australian Industrial Relations Commission won the abolition of a transfer system much hated by Australian footballers.[citation needed]

Since the mid-1990s, the PFA has been active in advancing soccer players' pay and conditions, and has also been active in protecting soccer player's from unfair dismissal. It is a member of FIFPro.[citation needed]


The PFA holds an annual award ceremony, which formally recognises the most outstanding Australian footballers.[4]

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