Procopius of Ustyug

Procopius of Ustyug (Russian: Прокопий Устюжский or Святой Прокопий Любекский, German: Prokop(ius) von Ustjug und Lübeck; 1243? — (1303-07-08)July 8, 1303[1] in Veliky Ustyug) was a fool for Christ (yurodivy), a miracle worker, saint of Russian Orthodox Church, formerly a merchant from Lübeck. He was born in Germany, a Roman Catholic merchant who converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity during his travels.[2]

Saint Procopius of Ustyug
Wonderworker and Fool for Christ
Bornbefore 1243
Died(1303-07-08)July 8, 1303
Veliky Ustyug
Venerated inEastern Orthodoxy, True Orthodoxy
Canonized17th century by Eastern Orthodox Church, True Orthodox Church
FeastJuly 8

Though he is sometimes identified as one Jacob Potharst, son of a Lübeck merchant, Procopius' worldly name, surname, date and place of birth are not reliably determined. In 1818 the universal celebration of the saint was established.[3]

St. Procopius lived as yurodivy (Russian: юродивый) for 60 years. In 1290 he predicted the fall of meteorite near Veliky Ustyug, as well as tornado and conflagration.

The incorrupt relics of St. Procopius were discovered in the 18th century near the Entry of the Theotokos parish church in Veliky Ustyug and placed in the church, where they remained in open view for two hundred years, being the source of numerous healings.[4]


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