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Priyamvada Gopal is a Reader at the Faculty of English at Cambridge University.[1] Her main teaching and research interests are in colonial and postcolonial literature and theory. She regularly contributes to several newspapers, including The Hindu, The Guardian,[2] The Independent, New Statesman, Outlook India, India Today, Al Jazeera[3] and The Times Literary Supplement.

Priyamvada Gopal
Born1968 (age 50–51)
Alma materUniversity of Delhi
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Cornell University
OccupationReader in Anglophone and Related Literature
EmployerUniversity of Cambridge


Education and careerEdit

The daughter of an Indian diplomat, Gopal studied at the University of Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru University, and received her PhD from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.[4][5] Her research focuses on colonial and postcolonial literature as well as theory. This research topic is combined with research focused on novels, translation, gender and feminism, Marxism, critical race studies, as well as the politics and cultures of empire and globalisation.[1]

Public controversiesEdit

Gopal is an outspoken critic of what she perceives as colonial and racist incidents and attitudes with a particular focus on British Academia.

In June 2018, she criticised the alleged racial profiling by college porters at the gate of King's College, Cambridge and announced that she would no longer teach at King's until this long-standing issue was resolved.[6] As a result of the attention the issue received, students and faculty of Cambridge University came forward describing similar experiences. Priyamvada Gopal received hate mail following her announcement.[7][8]

Selected publicationsEdit

  • The Indian English Novel [9]
  • Literary Radicalism in India: Gender, Nation and the Transition to Independence [10]
  • Insurgent Empire: Anticolonial Resistance and British Dissent (Verso, 2019)[11]


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