Prix de la Page 112

The Prix de la page 112 is a French literary award created in 2012 by the French editor and literary critic Claire Debru.[1]


The name and the purpose of this award was inspired by Woody Allen's film Hannah and Her Sisters. In the film, actor Michael Caine tells a woman that she reminds him of a love poem on page 112 of a book of poetry written by e e cummings.[1][2] If an entire work is to be judged,[3] this principle assumes that page 112 is an index of quality since the beginning and the end of the work are subjected to a greater amount of attention by authors and editors,[1] whereas page 112 is the ventre mou or soft belly.[3] Thus, the jury members first read this page to determine if a book should be read to qualify for the award.[1][3]


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