Prix Robert Papin

The Prix Robert Papin is a Group 2 flat horse race in France open to two-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies. It is run at Chantilly over a distance of 1,200 metres (about 6 furlongs), and it is scheduled to take place each year in July.

Prix Robert Papin
Group 2 race
Race typeFlat / Thoroughbred
SponsorDarley (2022)
Race information
Distance1,200 metres (6f)
Weight58 kg
1½ kg for fillies
Purse€130,000[1] (2022)
1st: €74,100
Prix Robert Papin
Purple, white seams, striped sleeves, purple cap Dark blue White, blue stripes and armlets, striped cap
Blackbeard The Antarctic Vicious Harry
Previous years
Red and black stripes, red sleeves Blue and orange check, orange cap White, black seams, white sleeves, black stars, white cap, black star
Atomic Force Baghed Hellomydarlin
Light blue, orange epaulets Claret, gold braid, claret sleeves, claret cap, gold tassel White, light blue hoop and armlets, hooped cap
Ventura Tormenta The Lir Jet Tiger Tanaka
Beige, brown striped sleeves White, red epaulettes, white sleeves, white cap, red star Royal blue, grey star and sleeves
A'Ali My Love's Passion Jolie
White, orange stars on sleeves, orange star on cap White, white sleeves, purple cap Pink, green shoulders, pink sleeves, green armlets, pink cap, green hooped
Signora Cabello Sexy Metro True Mason
Red, black inverted triangle, black star on cap Maroon, orange diamond and diamond on cap Maroon, beige braces, beige cap
Unfortunately Frozen Angel Heartache
Dark blue, light blue spots on sleeves and cap Silver, gold braid, maroon cap, gold tassel Yellow, black sleeves, yellow cap, black visor
Tis Marvellous Al Johrah Hargeisa
Light blue, orange epaulets Cherry, black check cap White, green belt, red armlets
Kool Kompany Strath Burn Lehaim
White, white sleeves, purple cap Blue and orange check, orange cap Grey, red sleeves, black cap
Vorda Omaticaya Vedeux
Dark blue, light blue spots on sleeves and cap Royal blue and red chevrons, red and white striped sleeves, red and white quartered cap Royal blue, white seams, sleeves and cap
Reckless Abandon Sir Prancealot Snowday
Orange, beige cap Green, yellow disc, yellow sleeves, spots on sleeves, green cap Yellow, emerald green chevron, red cap
Family One Louve Rouge Mac Row
White, red stars, light blue sleeves and cap Yellow, soft green stars, soft green sleeves, yellow stars, yellow cap, soft green star Light blue, dark blue armlets, dark blue cap
Prolific Champion Broox Approve
Green, pink sash and cap, white sleeves GREEN, red epaulettes, green cap Pink, brown epaulets, pink sleeves, pink cap, brown quartered
Special Duty Siyouni Dolled Up
Red and blue check, Red sleeves, White sleeves Light Blue and Maroon (quartered), Light Blue sleeves, Dark Blue cap Dark blue, pink triple diamond, dark blue sleeves, pink stars, dark blue cap, pink star
Lui Rei Percolator Senor Mirasol
Royal blue, royal blue sleeves, yellow stars, yellow cap Red and dark blue (quartered), dark blue sleeves and cap Terracotta, Grey epaulets
Natagora Magritte Strike The Deal
Royal blue, white spots on body, two red hoops, white cap, red spots Light green, dark green diamonds on body Light Blue, White cap
Boccassini Golden Titus Magic America
White and dark green hoops, white sleeves, dark green armlets, hooped cap Pink, light blue chevron and cap Royal blue, white seams, sleeves and cap
New Girlfriend Queensalsa Gwenseb
Dark blue, light blue cross belts, striped sleeves, white cap Dark blue and red (quartered), dark blue sleeves and cap Maroon, white sleeves, maroon cap, white star
Divine Proportions Shifting Place Portrayal
Dark green, pink epaulets and cap Dark blue Grey, yellow stripe and cap
Much Faster Colossus Leila
EMERALDGREEN, Red stars, EmeraldGreen sleeves, EmeraldGreen cap and Red stars Brown, pink cap Royal Blue, Light Blue cap
Never A Doubt Zinziberine Ela Merici
White and dark green hoops, white sleeves, dark green armlets, hooped cap Maroon, Grey epaulets Black, white cross-belts and cuffs, red cap
Zipping Massarra Slap Shot
Black and white stripes, red cap Royal blue, white seams, sleeves and cap Dark blue, red epaulettes, red and white striped sleeves, red and white striped cap
Rolly Polly Iron Mask Bram Stoker


The event was established in 1892, and it was originally called the Omnium de Deux Ans. It was initially run over 1,100 metres, and was extended to 1,200 metres in 1903. For a period it was held in early August, and it was one of France's first two-year-old races of the season. It reverted to 1,100 metres in 1907, and from this point juveniles could be raced earlier in the year.

The Omnium de Deux Ans was the country's richest race for two-year-olds until 1914. Its prize fund was greater than those of both the Prix Morny and the Grand Critérium. It was abandoned throughout World War I, with no running from 1915 to 1918.

The race was renamed in memory of Robert Papin (1848–1926), a former president of the Société Sportive d'Encouragement, in 1928. It was increased to 1,200 metres in 1929.

The Prix Robert Papin was held at Auteuil in 1940. On this occasion it was contested over 1,400 metres in late October. Its regular length was cut to 1,100 metres in 1942. It was run at Longchamp over 1,000 metres in 1944. Its distance returned to 1,200 metres in 1946, and it began its current spell over 1,100 metres in 1963.

The present system of race grading was introduced in 1971, and the Prix Robert Papin was given Group 1 status. It was relegated to Group 2 level in 1987.

Under Maisons-Laffitte Racecourse are closure on 2020, Prix Robert Papin moved to Chantilly and the race is eligible for geldings .[2]


Leading jockey (7 wins):

  • Roger PoinceletChesterfield (1946), Coronation (1948), Emperor (1949), Fiere (1955), Neptune (1957), Sly Pola (1959), High Bulk (1960)

Leading trainer (9 wins):

  • Charles SemblatArdan (1943), Nirgal (1945), Coronation (1948), Emperor (1949), Pharsale (1950), Auriban (1951), Pharel (1952), Cordova (1953), Fiere (1955)

Leading owner (8 wins):

  • Marcel BoussacArdan (1943), Nirgal (1945), Coronation (1948), Emperor (1949), Pharsale (1950), Auriban (1951), Pharel (1952), Cordova (1953)

Winners since 1976Edit

Year Winner Jockey Trainer Owner Time
1975 Vitiges Gérard Rivases Gérard Philippeau Mrs Marc Laloum 1:06.00
1976 Blushing Groom Henri Samani François Mathet HH Aga Khan IV 1:04.80
1977 Vific [a] Philippe Paquet François Boutin Jean Ternynck 1:03.70
1978 Pitasia Alfred Gibert Aage Paus Sir Douglas Clague 1:06.90
1979 Choucri Alain Lequeux Maurice Zilber Naji Nahas 1:05.70
1980 Irish Playboy Alain Lequeux Olivier Douieb Sir Gordon White 1:05.40
1981 Maelstrom Lake Georges Doleuze Edouard Bartholomew Jacques Feuillard 1:05.60
1982 Ma Biche Freddy Head Criquette Head Ghislaine Head 1:05.30
1983 Masarika Yves Saint-Martin Alain de Royer-Dupré HH Aga Khan IV 1:05.30
1984 Seven Springs Gary W. Moore John Fellows Robin Scully 1:06.30
1985 Baiser Vole Freddy Head Criquette Head Robert Sangster 1:05.50
1986 Balbonella Yves Saint-Martin François Rohaut Maktoum Al Maktoum 1:05.80
1987 Balawaki Gary W. Moore Criquette Head Ghislaine Head 1:07.70
1988 Philippi Alfred Gibert J. C. Cunnington Countess Batthyany 1:05.20
1989 Ozone Friendly Pat Eddery Barry Hills Bill Gredley 1:06.30
1990 Danseuse du Soir Dominique Boeuf Élie Lellouche Daniel Wildenstein 1:07.40
1991 Arazi Gérald Mossé François Boutin Allen Paulson 1:05.50
1992 Didyme Gérald Mossé Criquette Head Jacques Wertheimer 1:04.50
1993 Psychobabble Cash Asmussen Criquette Head Stavros Niarchos 1:06.80
1994 General Monash Brent Thomson Peter Chapple-Hyam Robert Sangster 1:06.40
1995 Lucky Lionel John Reid Richard Hannon Sr. Antonio Balzarini 1:06.10
1996 Ocean Ridge Thierry Jarnet Peter Chapple-Hyam Robert Sangster 1:05.90
1997 Greenlander Sylvain Guillot Clive Brittain Marwan Al Maktoum 1:04.90
1998 Black Amber Cash Asmussen Neville Callaghan Tabor / Magnier 1:05.90
1999 Rossini Michael Kinane Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Magnier 1:07.20
2000 Rolly Polly Mirco Demuro Bruno Grizzetti Mack Ferrer SRL 1:04.20
2001 Zipping Davy Bonilla Robert Collet Richard Strauss 1:05.30
2002 Never a Doubt Michael Hills Barry Hills Derek James 1:05.60
2003 Much Faster Thierry Thulliez Pascal Bary Ecurie J. L. Bouchard 1:07.30
2004 Divine Proportions Christophe Lemaire Pascal Bary Niarchos Family 1:04.80
2005 New Girlfriend Christophe Soumillon Robert Collet Richard Strauss 1:04.00
2006 Boccassini Davy Bonilla Miroslav Rulec Stall Nik 1:04.50
2007 Natagora Christophe Lemaire Pascal Bary Stefan Friborg 1:03.20
2008 Lui Rei Dario Vargiu Armando Renzoni Scuderia Siba 1:06.10
2009 Special Duty Stéphane Pasquier Criquette Head-Maarek Khalid Abdullah 1:04.40
2010 Irish Field [b] Christophe Soumillon M. Delcher Sánchez Sunday Horses Club 1:05.90
2011 Family One Ioritz Mendizabal Yann Barberot Ecurie Ascot 1:07.20
2012 Reckless Abandon Gérald Mossé Clive Cox Deadman / Barrow 1:04.00
2013 Vorda Grégory Benoist Philippe Sogorb Gerard Augustin-Normand 1:05.00
2014 Kool Kompany Richard Hughes Richard Hannon Jr. Middleham Park Racing 1:05.60
2015 Gutaifan Frankie Dettori Richard Hannon Jr. Al Shaqab Racing 1:03.60
2016 Tis Marvellous Adam Kirby Clive Cox Deadman / Barrow 1:03.16
2017 Unfortunately Tony Piccone Karl Burke Laughton / Burke 1:04.50
2018 Signora Cabello Frankie Dettori John Quinn Phoenix / Zen 1:04.34
2019 A'Ali [c] Frankie Dettori Simon Crisford Duaij Al Khalifa 1:04.38
2020 Vertura Tormenta Christophe Soumillon Richard Hannon Jr. Middleham Park Racing 1:10.85
2021 Atomic Force Stephane Pasquier Kevin Ryan Siu Pak Kwan 1:08.69
2022 Blackbeard Ioritz Mendizabal Aidan O'Brien Derrick Smith, Magnier, Tabor & Westerberg 1:08.31

a The 1977 running took place at Évry.
b The 2010 winner Irish Field was later exported to Hong Kong and renamed Prolific Champion.
c The 2019 running moved to Deauville during unsafely track.

Earlier winnersEdit

  • 1892: Commandeur
  • 1893: Claret
  • 1894: Sweet William
  • 1895: Nacelle
  • 1896: Vidame
  • 1897: Cazabat
  • 1898: John Wyse
  • 1899: Clairette
  • 1900: Indian Shore
  • 1901: Ophelia
  • 1902: Perm
  • 1903: Djephte
  • 1904: Poppee
  • 1905: Prestige
  • 1906: Ascalon
  • 1907: Sauge Pourpree
  • 1908: Fils du Vent
  • 1909: Marsa
  • 1910: Lord Burgoyne
  • 1911: Montrose
  • 1912: Gloster
  • 1913: Mousse de Mer
  • 1914: Clairet
  • 1915–18: no race
  • 1919: Marron
  • 1920: Guerriere
  • 1921: Zenoia
  • 1922: Pavillon
  • 1923: Le Gros Morne
  • 1924: Canalette
  • 1925: Deauville
  • 1926: Green Flor
  • 1927: Erica
  • 1928: Necklace
  • 1929: Chateau Bouscaut
  • 1930: Pearl Cap
  • 1931: Coeur de Lion
  • 1932: Coque de Noix
  • 1933: Brantôme
  • 1934: Stratosphere
  • 1935: Mistress Ford
  • 1936: Minaudiere
  • 1937: Gossip
  • 1938: Bulle de Savon
  • 1939: Codor
  • 1940: Longthanh
  • 1941: Mirko
  • 1942: Norseman
  • 1943: Ardan
  • 1944: Otero
  • 1945: Nirgal
  • 1946: Chesterfield
  • 1947: Primeur
  • 1948: Coronation
  • 1949: Emperor
  • 1950: Pharsale
  • 1951: Auriban
  • 1952: Pharel
  • 1953: Cordova
  • 1954: Soya
  • 1955: Fiere
  • 1956: L'Astrologue
  • 1957: Neptune
  • 1958: Taboun
  • 1959: Sly Pola
  • 1960: High Bulk
  • 1961: Wakamba
  • 1962: Quiqui
  • 1963: Djel
  • 1964: Double Jump
  • 1965: Kashmir
  • 1966: Fin Bon
  • 1967: Zeddaan
  • 1968: Folle Rousse
  • 1969: Amber Rama
  • 1970: My Swallow
  • 1971: Sun Prince
  • 1972: Reine du Chant
  • 1973: Lianga
  • 1974: Sky Commander

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