Pristichampsus ("saw crocodile") is a non-diagnostic genus of crocodylian from Europe. As the type species, P. rollianti, was based on insufficient material, the taxonomic status of the genus is in doubt, and other species have been referred to other genera, primarily Boverisuchus.[1]

Temporal range: Eocene
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Crocodilia
Family: Pristichampsidae
Genus: Pristichampsus
Gervais, 1853
  • P. rollinatii (Gray, 1831) (type)
  • ?P. birjukovi Efimov, 1988
  • ?P. kuznetzovi Efimov, 1988


Pristichampsus was first described and named as a species of Crocodilus, C. rollianti, by Gray in 1831 on the basis of remains from the Lutetian of France. Gervais (1853) assigned this species to its own genus, creating the new combination Pristichampsus rollianti. Other species have been referred to this genus. The genera Boverisuchus and Weigeltisuchus from the Lutetian of Germany as well as Limnosaurus from North America were synonymized with Pristichampsus and their type species were reassigned to it. Langston (1975) found Limnosaurus to be based on non-diagnostic remains, and therefore considered it to be in its own genus, as a nomen dubium. He also reassigned Crocodylus vorax from the Lutetian of Wyoming and West Texas to Pristichampsus. Efimov (1988) named two additional species of Pristichampsus, P. birjukovi and P. kuznetzovi from the Middle Eocene of Eastern Kazakhstan. Following a revision of the genus Pristichampsus by Brochu (2013), P. rollinati was found to be based on insufficiently diagnostic material and therefore is a nomen dubium. Boverisuchus was reinstated as a valid genus, and the species Weigeltisuchus geiseltalensis was considered to be synonymous with B. magnifrons. Brochu (2013) also reassigned P. vorax as the second species of Boverisuchus. According to Brochu (2013), material from the middle Eocene of Italy and Texas may represent other species of Boverisuchus.[1]


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