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Le Printemps de Bourges is an annual music festival that is held in Bourges, France, over the course of five days.[1] It is now a major event in France and Europe.

Printemps de Bourges
Alain Meilland conférence presse printemps de bourges 1984.jpg
GenreElectronic music, etc.
Location(s)Bourges, France
Years active1977-present
WebsiteOfficial site



The festival was created in 1977 (by Daniel Colling [fr], Alain Meilland [fr], and Maurice Frot [fr]). With its span of 35 years, its history reflects musical trends and evolution over time. Every springtime, thousands of spectators come from all parts of France and foreign countries to see an eclectic variety of concerts. The festival encompasses some 60 shows, with over 200 artists on 13 stages within a week; these shows represent diverse genres, and both well-known artists and young musical talents. The ever-growing public is composed primarily of young people (91% are under 35), and over 200,000 people attend the festival each year. Music professionals (over 600 each year) are present to recruit new talents. The festival also attracts media professionals (press, TV, radio), numbering over 500 each year. A parallel festival is hosted in the city, called Les Découvertes du Printemps de Bourges; its aim is to showcase the talents of new artists. Many bars and restaurants also host a multitude of gigs through a partnership with le Printemps de Bourges.[2]

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