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The Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) is a magazine published for the alumni of Princeton University. It was founded in 1900 and, until 1977, it was the only weekly college alumni magazine in the United States.[1] Upon changing to biweekly publication in 1977, the number of issues per year decreased from twenty-eight to twenty-one, and then later decreased to seventeen. It still remains the most frequently published alumni magazine in the world, currently publishing 14 times per year.[2]

Princeton Alumni Weekly
Princeton Alumni Weekly (1900 cover).png
Cover of the first issue (April 7, 1900)
EditorMarilyn H. Marks
CategoriesAlumni magazine
FrequencyBiweekly, 14 times a year
PublisherThe Trustees of Princeton University
First issueApril 7, 1900
CountryUnited States
Based inPrinceton, New Jersey


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