Princess Reishi (1270–1307)

Princess Reishi (姈子内親王; 5 October 1270 – 22 August 1307), later Yūgimon'in (遊義門院), was an Empress of Japan, married to her cousin Emperor Go-Uda.[1]

Princess Reishi
Empress consort of Japan
Reign19 September 1285 – 5 September 1291
Born5 October 1270
Heian-kyō (Kyōto)
Died22 August 1307(1307-08-22) (aged 36)
Heian-kyō (Kyōto)
SpouseEmperor Go-Uda
FatherEmperor Go-Fukakusa
MotherFujiwara no Kimiko

She was the daughter of Emperor Go-Fukakusa and Fujiwara no Kimiko. She was named Empress to her cousin in 1285.


Japanese royalty
Preceded by
Fujiwara no Kishi
Empress consort of Japan
Succeeded by
Fujiwara no Shōshi (Fushimi)