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Princes Hill Secondary College

Princes Hill Secondary College is a coeducational state secondary school, located in Carlton North, an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[1] The school is 2 kilometres from the Melbourne City Centre.[2]

Princes Hill Secondary College
Arnold Street, Princes Hill[2]

, ,

Typeco-educational government school[1]
MottoLatin: Labore et fide
PrincipalTrevor Smith
Years offered7-12

The school was formerly known as Princes Hill High School.[5] Princes Hill Secondary College is non-selective and accepts students from over 30 primary schools in the City of Yarra, City of Melbourne, City of Moreland and City of Darebin.[6]


The school was opened by the acting headmaster on 2 September 1889 with several hundred pupils.[7][3][4] It was the continuation of the Lygon Street, North Carlton school, established in the 1860's.[8]

Ivor Evans, a 13-year-old student at Princes Hill, won the 1901 Australian flag design competition. It was displayed over the Royal Exhibition Building.[9]

A fire destroyed the original structure on 8 February 1970.[4] Teachers at the school sent a telegram to the then Prime Minister, John Gorton, to ask for financial aid for the school. 410 pupils were left without classrooms.[10]

The school was rebuilt in 1973 by Daryl Jackson in a Brutalist architectural style.[11] New wings have been added since 1983, and a gymnasium in the 2000s[5]

The school has a no-uniform policy.[12] Students have not worn uniforms since 1971.[13]


Princes Hill Secondary College is one of the few late-20th-century buildings on Arnold Street.[14]

In 2005, parts of the school were refurbished: the performing arts centre, textiles and food facilities, year 11 and 12 classrooms and science laboratories. A gymnasium was later established in 2006.[15]

The school has small theatre seating 150 and a camp in Mirimbah, located at the foothills of Mount Buller in the Victorian Alps.[2]


VCE studies offered by the school:
Art, Australian and Global Politics, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Drama, English, English (EAL), English Language, Foundation Mathematics, French, Further Mathematics, General Mathematics, Global Politics, Health and Human Development, History: 20th Century (1900-1945), History: 20th Century (since 1945), History: Revolutions, Italian, Literature, Mathematical Methods (CAS), Media, Music Investigation, Music Performance, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Product Design and Technology, Psychology, Specialist Mathematics, Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design.[16]

In 2008 and 2012 VCE Media and Art students' work was selected for the Top Arts Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.[17][18]

Princes Hill Secondary College was ranked in the top 200 public secondary schools (equal 9th) in Australia based on academic results in 2009.[19]

In 2013, 32 of 111 students achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank over 90 (29%), almost 50% of students achieved over 80, and 67% achieved over 70.[20]

In 2014, the Victorian Certificate of Education median study score was 33. 16.4 percent of students achieved over 40 study scores.[21]

Notable alumniEdit

'Princes Hillians' include:


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