Prince of Polotsk

The Princes of Polotsk ruled the Principality of Polotsk within the realm of Kievan Rus or within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the mid-9th century to 1307.

Rogvold, a non-Rurikid Varangian, was the first Prince of Polotsk. When Vladimir the Great returned from exile in Scandinavia in 980 to try to claim the Kievan throne that his brother, Yaropolk, held, he sought an alliance with Rogvolod through a marriage with his daughter, Rogneda. When she refused, calling Vladimir the "son of a slave," he attacked Polotsk, killed Rogvold and his son, and took Rogneda by force to be his wife.[1] Polotsk was then granted to Vladimir's son, Izyaslav, around the time of Christianization (988), and when Izyaslav predeceased his father in 1001, the throne of Polotsk was passed on to Izyaslav's son, Briacheslav, and the Polotsk line (the senior branch of Vladimir's sons) became izgoi and was not legally allowed to succeed to the Kievan throne,[2] although Bryacheslav's son, Vseslav, held briefly the Kievan throne in 1068-1069, after it was granted to him by the veche following the Kiev Uprising.[3]

List of princes of PolotskEdit

Rurikids / Izyaslavichi of PolotskEdit

Vseslavichi of PolotskEdit

  • 1132–1144 Vasilko Sviatoslavich (Prince of Vitebsk)
  • 1144–1151 Rogvolod Borisovich (Prince of Drutsk)
  • 1151–1159 Rostislav Glebovich (Prince of Minsk)
  • 1159–1162 Rogvolod Borisovich (again)
  • 1162–1167 Vseslav III Vasilkovich (Prince of Vitebsk)
  • 1167–1167 Volodar Glebovich (Prince of Minsk)
  • 1167–1180 Vseslav III Vasilkovich (Prince of Vitebsk)
  • 1186–1215 Vladimir Vseslavich (Princes of Vitebsk)
  • 1215–1222 Boris II Vseslavich (Prince of Drutsk)
  • 1222–1232 Sviatoslav Mstislavich
  • 1232–1242 Bryachislav II Vasilkovich (Prince of Vitebsk)

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