Prince of Novgorod-Seversk

Prince of Novgorod-Seversk was the kniaz, the ruler or sub-ruler, of the Principality of Novgorod-Seversk. It may have been created in 1139, the date of one modern authority,[1] and is most famous for Igor Sviatoslavich, hero of the Old Russian Tale of Igor's Campaign.

List of princes of Novgorod-SeverskEdit

In the aftermath of the Mongol invasions, it fell under the control of Briansk. The principality was taken over by the Lithuanians in the fourteenth-century when the power of the Golden Horde began to decline. In the fifteenth-century the principality was given to Prince Ivan of Mozhaisk when he fled from Grand Prince Vasily II.

Under Lithuanian overlordship
  • Ivan Dmitrievich of Mozhaisk, d. 1471 x 1485
  • Semen Ivanovich, d. x 1500
  • Vasily Ivanovich, d. 1519


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