Prince Yamashiro

Prince Yamashiro (山背大兄王, Yamashiro no Ōe no Ō, died 643) was the eldest son of one of the most famous figures in Japanese history, Prince Shōtoku. Yamashiro claimed the right to Imperial succession in 628, following the death of Empress Suiko. However, he lost the claim to Prince Tamura who ascended to the throne as Emperor Jomei, having enjoyed the support of powerful court noble Soga no Emishi.[2]

Yamashiro (right) with his father Prince Shotoku (center) and uncle Eguri (left).[1]

He and his family committed suicide when their home was attacked by Emishi's son, Soga no Iruka, in 643. Some scholars believe Yamashiro to have been the poet-scholar Sarumaru no Taifu, about whom nearly nothing is known.


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