Prince Takechi

Prince Takechi (高市皇子, Takechi no miko, Takechi no ōji, c. 654 – 13 August 696) was a member of the royal family in Japan during the Asuka period. He was the eldest son of Emperor Tenmu. He fought on the side of his father in the Jinshin War (672), a battle of succession, which resulted in his father becoming Emperor. At the age of 19, he was dispatched by his father to the battle front in what is now Fuwa District, Mino Province (now the southern part of Gifu Prefecture) as vanguard and general commander. In 679, while in Yoshino with his father, he swore to an oath of cooperation with his siblings. When Empress Jitō ascended to the throne in 686 he became the Daijō-daijin and handled government affairs. He died suddenly in 696, thought by some to be an assassination.

Prince Takechi
Daijō Daijin of Japan
Bornc. 654
Died13 August 696 (aged 41–42)
Fujiwara-kyō, Japan
FatherEmperor Tenmu
MotherMunakata no Amako-no-iratsume

He loved Princess Tōchi (his elder half-sister, Prince Ōtomo's wife). He left only three waka poems during his whole life, but they were all poetry offered to her.


He had two sons by Princess Minabe (a daughter of Emperor Tenji, Empress Genmei's sister), Prince Nagaya and Prince Suzuka


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