Prilepac (fortress)

Coordinates: 42°32′24.50″N 21°31′16.16″E / 42.5401389°N 21.5211556°E / 42.5401389; 21.5211556

Prilepac[1][2][3] (Serbian Cyrillic: Прилепац), or Prilepnica (Serbian Cyrillic: Прилепница) or Përlepnica (Albanian: Përlepnicë), was a medieval fortress near Novo Brdo. It is most famous as the birthplace of Prince Lazar.

Memorial in Prilepac, dedicated to Prince Lazar

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  1. ^ PRILEPNICA (Gnjilane): 1. ruins of an old church; 2. small medieval town of Prilepac, several villages; 3. Draganac monastery, above the town of Prilepac.[1][2]
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